The Civic Theatre presents Tango Fire

The Civic Theatre presents Tango Fire

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Featuring ten torrid dancers accompanied by a quartet of brilliant young musicians and one of Argentina’s finest singers, TANGO FIRE offers a journey through the history of Tango – the world’s most alluring and exciting dance.

Tango – Argentina’s gift to the world. The very word evokes sensuality and intrigue, lust and provocation, raw energy and knife-edge precision. This most intoxicating of dances emerged in Buenos Aires at the turn of the twentieth century. Born in the brothels and taverns of the city, Tango was the dance of the fugitive, pimp and immigrant, achieving its own body language in the hip-to-hip advance and retreat of the mating dance.

Sensuous, but not salacious – once condemned and banned by the Cardinals of Rome for its erotic power – Tango helped fire the twentieth century domination of popular dance crazes by the music of The Americas.

TANGO FIRE traces the history of Tango, from its origins in the red light district of Buenos Aires to the glamour of the Roaring Twenties; and its evolution to the world of contemporary dance accompanied by the music of the great Astor Piazzolla, Rodriquez, Pugliese and others.

The show season starts on Friday, 18th of May 2007.

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