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The Cow Artworks

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It’s not often Johannesburg gets the opportunity to experience something truly unique in the art world. Which is why the opening of The Cow Artworks Gallery is such good news for all of us with taste, discernment – and an eye for something a little bit different.

The brainchild of Doreen Pfeiffer, The Cow Artworks brings both international and local talent together in a framework of fabulous black and white photography that should grace the walls of any upmarket home or business. Eye-catching and stylish, Doreen has personally brought her range of photographic artworks to SouthAfrica, from her travels around the world.

Each piece is in line with the very latest trends in decor throughout Europe and the States – quite simply, they’re a must have for anyone with an eye for excellence.

The Cow Artworks displays limited and rare editions of framed black and white photography in a range of sizes and styles, all gorgeous, all making a statement – they simply cry out to be hung on the walls of beautiful homes and corporations.

Doreen Pfeiffer’s experience and eye for beauty is evident in the wide choice of exclusive and elegant art that graces her lovely new gallery.

This visual treat has opened at The Cobbles Centre in Parkhurst.

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