The Excellence Challenge

The Excellence Challenge

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“The Excellence Challenge” was launched following several years of research and experimentation with the concepts shared. The author Will Maritz has applied these principles in his own life and shared it with several people around him, from friends to family and colleagues. It works!

“The Excellence Challenge is a well structured programme to assist you in making sustainable changes in your life. It is not about getting rich or reaching “nirvana”. It’s about discovering meaning in your life by doing what you do excellently.

The programme is facilitated by professional psychologists, human development practitioners and registered life coaches. It draws from the latest life science research and best practices, as well as from practical experiences and testimonies from people who have applied these principles.

There is a seminar taking place on Saturday, 17th April 2010. To book a place follow the links alongside or sms the word “change” to 31022.

Founder and Author: Will Maritz

Will is passionate about personal development. He has focused his career on developing himself and others. He is an accomplished entrepreneur who, amongst several other businesses, founded and runs Kalleo Learning, a South African firm with large corporate clients. Before Kalleo, Will enjoyed a successful corporate career in the financial services and mining industry.

His biggest challenge and biggest personal victory has been stepping out of mediocrity into excellence in everything that he tackled. The impact of this personal journey has led to the establishment of “En Route Living”.

“En Route Living’s” feature product is a workshop called “The Excellence Challenge”. “The
Excellence Challenge” is a 3 day seminar that focuses on evaluating the impact of your own mediocrity, identifying those things that trip you up, learning to deal with your own obstacles, finding out what a meaningful life is for you, learning to balance your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being.

En Route Living runs corporate as well as public versions of this programme to cater for everyone!

“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters”
Colin Powell

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