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The Fishmonger is the leading South African seafood franchise which also offers Mediterranean cuisine, Sushi and vegetarian dishes. In 10 years they have grown into a firm favourite among seafood lovers.

Fishmonger’s success can be contributed to the unique taste of their products, coupled with a friendly, efficient service. Customers are attracted to the naturally warm atmosphere, created by a unique decor which keeps people coming back for more.

We checked up on various consumer forums to see what others thought about Fishmonger. Here’s what people think:

The sushi is the best I have ever had and so is the rest of the menu – always fresh ingredients and excellent service! Michael

This unpretentious seafood chain restaurant (and I usually hate chain restaurants) still serves the best seafood in Gauteng as far as I am concerned. Never the ordinary bland form food of the franchise, but always something special, beautifully served by great staff. Bryan

Best seafood at very reasonable prices. Lynette

What an amazing time. I have eaten at restaurants all around the country and have never experience such excellent service as the Illovo branch. It was amazing! And the food was great too. Beenda

The Fishmonger in Illovo is situated in the Thrupps Centre. For further information follow the links alongside.

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