The Fun Theory: Make Health Fun and You are Bound To Succeed!

The Fun Theory: Make Health Fun and You are Bound To Succeed!

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This video done by Volkswagen motorcars is really something! And it got me thinking about what motivates people to change. In the video (which I suggest you watch), a lonely, hardly visited flight of stairs that sits adjacent to an escalator is revived by being turned into a tuned piano! Once the people who often walked this path realized how fun walking the stairs could be, they not only walked, but also hopped, jumped, danced their way to their destinations.

As a dietician, I often battle to get people interested in their health and wellbeing. For many, the prescription of “eat less and exercise more” makes them feel like everything they enjoy about life is being taken away from them. For me though, being healthy is not a chore, or an obligation I have to my body, but rather something I actually find quite fun. And I believe that is the difference between someone who succeeds with his or her diet and exercise programme as opposed to someone who doesn’t.

My Tips for Making Health Fun:

Choose an exercise regime that you get more out of than just a workout. For example, whip out those old ballet shoes you thought you’d never see again, learn how to tango or salsa or start a martial art, like kung fu or karate.

Make a play list of your favourite music and listen to that during any workout to make it more fun.

Start to enjoy the great outdoors more on weekends, rather than sitting on your couch with chocolate, popcorn and movies. Try mountain biking, go swimming in the ocean or a lake or go for a long hike in the woods.

Plant your own vegetable and herb garden. You can get the whole family involved here in the growing, harvesting and preparation of food.

Try a new healthy recipe at least once a week. Make it something you’ve never tried before, like a vegetarian dish, or a new fish recipe. Buy healthy cooking books, or shop online for novel recipes.

Pamper yourself regularly. Take yourself for a luxurious massage, a facial or a manicure or buy yourself a new multivitamin or eye cream.

Join up with networks and groups that focus on health. Play around on forums, attend lectures and meet interesting like-minded healthy people.

If you cannot view the video please go to and search for Stairs – Volkswagen BlueMotion

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