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Iomega iConnect Wireless Data Station
• A wireless access point for USB devices
• Simple to deploy and use
• Plug in up to four devices

Iomega has brought out a very handy gadget that essentially provides wireless network access to USB printers and external hard drives. It’s sheer genius, as it allows you to place your devices anywhere in range of your wireless network and access them as if they are connected to another PC. It frees up desktop clutter in this way, and gives you freedom to place your printers and USB hard drives in a more convenient location.

Iomega has included a P2P downloading utility (accessible via the device’s web interface) that downloads files to connected hard drives without needing your PC, and has programmed in media-server capabilities for uPnP-enabled devices like Xbox 360s and PS3s. Setting it up might require help from network-savvy friends, but overall the device is easy to use, has very useful features, and marks a great step forward in the quality department for Iomega.
Rating: 4/5

Flexible USB Keyboard
• Rubberised USB keyboard
• Folds up into a compact package
• Connects via USB


We admit, this is more of a gimmicky device than something to replace your full-time keyboard, but it’s still cool because it folds up easily and fits into virtually any bag. Best of all, it’s spill-resistant and cleans very easily, two qualities the average keyboard cannot boast.

There’s not much to it – it’s a blue-coloured rubberised keyboard with all the standard keys (keypad included) laid out like any entry-level keyboard. It has 114 keys, they all press like they are made of rubber (they are), and using it is strangely fun. It connects via USB, and is immediately detected by any PC you care to connect it to.

It’s not an essential purchase, but if you drink a lot at your PC or you just like fun, nerdy-gadgety type things, this inexpensive and flexible rubber keyboard might be for you.
Rating: 4/5

HP Pavilion DV6-2150ei Entertainment Notebook
• Entertainment-centric notebook design
• Powerful components drive great performance
• Uses Intel’s Core i5 processors

R15 999.95

This entertainment-centric notebook from HP is the kind of laptop multimedia and gaming enthusiasts will get the most out of, as it has been designed with multimedia usage in mind.

It’s powered by an Intel Core i5 CPU, has tons of RAM (4GB) and a generous 500GB hard drive and a beautiful LED-backlit screen. Better yet, it has an HDMI port for outputting movies and music to a home entertainment system, and a remote control that tucks neatly into the laptop’s body when not in use. You can hook the DV6 up to your HDTV, and snuggle under blankets while you control your DVDs wirelessly.

The DV6 is a versatile laptop that delivers great features with very good performance, and it can easily take care of both work and entertainment needs. It’s a wee bit pricy, but you get what you pay for.
Rating: 4/5

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