The Girl Who Played With Fire

The Girl Who Played With Fire

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When it comes to my beauty regime: I take it quite seriously. I have my hair guru, my nail lady, my pedicure lady, I exercise right, eat right and use all the right face creams. I’m only 25 at the moment, however, I aim to drink from the fountain of youth for quite some time.

I never used to be like this. I used to believe that Tinkerbell (for those of you that remember her) was the spawn of the devil. But as I got older I learnt to take an interest in beauty maintenance.

Now we all know that a review is a review is a review… but it became a serious matter when I agreed to review Angelic Nails, I was quite apprehensive as I’m sure you can understand. I immediately phoned my regular nail lady to apologise for my foreseeable infidelity. I even considered searching for a Catholic priest to confess my sins to (even though I’m Jewish!).

Let me just say – once the Angelic Nails technician had finished I was pleasantly surprised, my nails looked AMAZING! The best part is that after 3 and a half weeks there was absolutely no lifting, no yellowing, and no broken nails! I’m lucky in that my nails take forever to grow, and a fill was all that was needed.

Antoinette from Angelic Nails, had explained that Angelic Nails is Something for Everyone!
Whether you want to do your own nails professionally at home, become an Angelic Nails Technician, are a Nail Technician or would like to become an Angelic Nails Educator.

My Evaluation: This experience was not as much of a nail-biter (sorry, I couldn’t resist) than I originally thought. However I’m happy to say that I was ecstatic with the results. Some women are able to do their own nails without the shakes, sadly I’m just not one of them but I AM convincing my ‘usual’ nail lady to start using the Angelic Nails products as their quality is just stunning.

Angelic Nails – Welcome to Heaven!

At Angelic Nails, they strive to sell gel products at the best prices, backed with excellent service and support. Their passion is beautiful nails and since they are all women, they understand the importance of caring for your nails, whether you do it yourself or go to a Salon. That’s why they’ve made it possible for every single woman to become part of the Angelic Nails experience. Every woman can reap the benefits!

This product is for you if you:
• Don’t have time to visit a nail salon

• Are tired of Gel lifting, chipping and discolouring

• Can’t afford to have your nails done due to rising prices

• Had enough of expensive, over priced products that don’t last

• Want to make your business profitable again

They offer:

• Affordable products to Nail Technicians and the public

• A Basic Kit to Gel your nails, at home, in your own time
• A Gel that lasts up to 5 weeks

• 1 Day Training for Nail Technicians to understand their products

• 4 Day Training for aspiring Angelic Nails Technicians
• Business Opportunity to market their product
• Experienced Nail Technicians the opportunity to become a Angelic Nails Educator

Do your own nails.
Become a nail technician.

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