The Health Corner: Dig Into Healthy and Delicious Dishes

By Erina Smit

Lately I have been trying to eat healthier and live healthier but it is so hard when you have to cook a healthy meal after a long day and KFC or McDonalds is just around the corner. Then lo and behold my prayers were answered with a flyer in the mail for the newly opened Health Corner Coffee Shop. Not only do they make delicious healthy food, they make delicious healthy takeaways!
Situated on the corner of 2nd Street and 8th Avenue in Edenvale this spot is a haven for the health conscious! The manager, Robert, runs this spot for his uncle who is a qualified dietician and has worked out an eating program for customers to follow to help them lose weight or even just to live healthier. All you need to do to get hold of the programme is ask in store! Quick, healthy and cheap, The Health Corner has the best takeaways ever! Their meals are also suited to diabetics and people with high cholesterol – making it the perfect go-to spot for those who might not have the budget to visit a dietician but still want to know how to eat right.

Health Corner Coffee Shop recognises that exercise is important in a healthy lifestyle but eating healthy is even more important. Their weight loss plan is based on a Metabolic Program that was released by a group of German doctors after many years of research. They also follow the South African Glycaemic Index (GI) and Glycaemic Load (GL) guidelines. What’s more, the owner followed the diet plan himself and lost 20 kilograms!

The best part is that the food is not only really healthy but incredibly delicious! We tried the Salami and pickles with low GI toast and a salad (R26) and as well as some of their wonderful Romanian dishes. You can also choose a salad or a crunchy toasted sarmie with a variety of different toppings. If something on the menu doesn’t catch your eye then make sure you check out the specials of the day – something that caught my eye on the day I visited was the vegetarian omelette with a cappuccino (R20). And, to wash it all down, sip on one of their yummy smoothies! The smoothies can also be used as a delicious meal substitute. What’s more they also offer a yummy low-fat ice cream for dessert.

They also have various health products to buy in store so you can shop up a storm while you wait for your food.

Click here to visit their website for more information.

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