The Jewels of the Nile Dance Studio

The Jewels of the Nile Dance Studio

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The beautiful art of belly dancing, or Middle Eastern dance, has been celebrated for centuries by royalty, poets, writers, artists and musicians. The Jewels of the Nile is a wonderfully unique, vibrant and professional South African belly-dancing studio, the largest in the country and certainly the most celebrated.

The art of belly dance has generally been approached from two different perspectives. There are unfortunately those that see it as a dance of seduction and then there are those that honour its true sensual essence and heritage. Belly dance is inherently an art form that celebrates the beauty of being a woman; it is the dance of the Goddess. The Jewels of the Nile and Medasa teach and honour this authentic tradition only. What distinguishes Charlotte and the Jewels studio from the rest, is a clear emphasis on personal growth.

We are also registered with the only official Middle Eastern Dance Association Of Southern Africa (, supported by FEDANSA and SASCOC.

The studio has been in operation since 1997 and is made up of women from all age groups and walks of life. All the members are part-time dancers and have busy family and/or business lives. No previous dance experience is necessary, the only prerequisite is a desire to balance and discover or re-discover your definitive feminine self and your true sexuality.

Belly dance classes are held weekly at studios around Johannesburg and Pretoria, lead by an internationally trained teacher, Charlotte; Jewel of the Nile. Charlotte’s training includes courses and lessons by teachers from Australia, Egypt, Lebanon and Brazil. She is also a member of UNESCO CID. Her teaching has also been certified by the world re known leading experts in Cairo, Egypt, the heart of belly dance – June 2006, where she was invited, as the South African candidate, to attend a teachers and professional performer’s certification seminar.

Charlotte has devoted a great deal of time to the research and exploration of this beautiful dance, with a special emphasis on its origins and its authentic character. She has researched and attended various training programmes concerning an overall enrichment through movement and expression. Charlotte believes that one of the dances essential requirements is ‘an acceptance of self’; this is encouraged in her students. Through expressive movement women are taught to discover the beauty and confidence that is within them.

Charlotte continues to travel extensively to further her knowledge of the art form. She has been fortunate enough to have performed internationally and is acknowledged, all over the world, for her professionalism and experience in regards to this complex art form. Some of the styles taught are traditional Middle Eastern dance (both folkloric and modern cabaret), which includes Egyptian, Lebanese and Turkish.

Charlotte is the founder of the studio and probably the most highly skilled exponent of the dance in South Africa. She adheres to its authentic heritage and internationally accepted standards and is proud to be internationally associated.

Teacher Certification course options

Charlotte runs teacher certification courses for experienced and capable students of Middle Eastern dance.

The certification process/course per level is, by necessity, hands on and includes both practical and theoretical material. Charlotte carefully guides and coaches each teacher in order for them to be the best that they possibly can be. Comfort zones are expanded and personal barriers are faced and constructively transformed into tacit working material. She is very clear in her intentions and integrity when teaching and expressing the art form and instils this in the teachers that she trains. Charlotte chooses to subscribe to the highest positive intention on all levels for her dance studio, both as a performer and as a teacher.

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