The Market Leader in Personal & Corporate Financial Education

The Market Leader in Personal & Corporate Financial Education

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End this year with money in your pocket!

– Has your financial position been squeezing you?

– Are you really getting ahead financially? REALLY?

– Are you paying all the bills and living on what’s left?

– Would you like to become debt free forever?

Then you need to attend the Financial Fitness FREE informative introductory seminar. YOU COULD WIN A FREE FINANCIAL FITNESS MAKE OVER.


Learn why South Africans:

– Heavily overpay on life insurance, until they simply cannot afford it.

– Continue losing money on so-called investments.

– Will not have enough money to send their children to GOOD schools.

– Financial futures will always include borrowing.

– Will be among the 95% of people who will not have enough at retirement.

– Continue getting illustrated and projected values on investments.

Would you like to learn how to:

– Have the tools to make 2009 the year you and your family prosper.

– Effectively eliminate all your debts FOREVER! (Very quickly).

– Have real money in your pocket 24/7.

– Learn investment strategies that build REAL WEALTH.

– Take control of your money – REMEMBER it’s your money.

Imagine???? No more debts.

What would you do with your paycheque?

Could you really enjoy life?

The workshop is 120 minutes long. FREE OF CHARGE!


Wednesday, 2nd of September


18h30 to 20h30


FNB Conference Centre, Sandton

Booking Essential:

Contact Joe (details alongside)

Financial Fitness offers public workshops as well as a highly effective range of corporate in-house training.

Research has shown by eliminating financial stress:

– Staff become more productive.

– Absenteeism substantially reduces.

– Staff turnover reduces.

– Bottom line profits improve.

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