For Local Talent, Visit Maximillien Restaurant

For quite some time now, Maximillien restaurant at the DaVinci Hotel has been the talk of the town. Here’s why you should reserve a table and enjoy their menu.


In the heart of Sandton, the Davinci Hotel has the rest of this chic district at its feet. Inside its stylish stature resides one of the most celebrated Italian cigar and wine emporiums in the country. Exquisite dining can be expected as the floor-to-ceiling windows showcase the best of Nelson Mandela Square. The view adds to the wine menu, which offers many choices such as unfiltered Fleur Du Cap and the elusive Krug Grande Cuvée.

The restaurant’s handpicked list of vino goes hand-in-hand with a well-crafted food menu, refined by executive chef, Sylvester Nair. Chef Nair’s flair can be seen in his signature dishes such as the marinated beef carpaccio with lemon and herb served with wild rocket, or the crispy fried chicken complimented by a garden salad. As for the mains, grilled beef medallion with mushroom risotto is what dreams are made of. The menu itself sings soprano throughout and one should take one’s time when sifting through pages upon pages of great choices. Chef Nair sees himself as more than a chef – he’s a designer of flavours.

Every Thursday for the next six months (May 2016 onward), Maximillien will be hosting the latest in new music by having young musicians perform their best for the guests in attendance. This is an initiative made possible by a partnership between Maximillien and the National Arts Council of South Africa.

On most nights, the smooth sounds of jazz piano accompanies the food and drink and lends a soothing edge to the nighttime scene which envelopes Sandton. This is best enjoyed with a slice of scrumptious berry cheese cake and your favourite whiskey as a palate cleanser.

All in all, Maximillien is a place for those who yearn to dine differently and treat the ritual of banqueting with the righteous finesse it deserves.

By Shawn Greyling

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