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Founded in Cape Town in 2004, The New Academics have been playing their trade around South Africa to appreciative audiences with a keen ear for the tail twitching rhythms and captivating lyrics of the band. A move to Jozi in the same year saw the band begin to merge their vision from the dynamic and energetic live shows into a collection of songs that would become City of Strange.

The last couple of years have seen the band gain respect on the festival circuit with strong showings at Splashy Fen, Woodstock and the Southern Cross events, as well as memorable club dates all around the country. City Of Strange is the next logical step in the progression of the band and they reach out to the funk loving people of this country.

Released and distributed independently, City Of Strange is a moving and compelling compendium of songs. Incorporating all the bands moods, from melancholic straight to funk, right through hip hop infused tunes and hard rocking, Chilli Pepper-esque numbers. Like the band it is never just one thing, but rather an exotic melange of sound, emotion and passion that takes the ears and your feet on a convoluted journey.

The New Academics are:

Joe Penn – Vocals, Saxophone
Dave Baudains – Guitars
Martin Labuschagne – Bass
Howie Combrink – Drums

City of Strange is available now through the bands website.

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