The NJOY Smoking Experience

The NJOY Smoking Experience

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It is an interesting experience to have a wife who is very anti my smoking come home and give me a cigarette to smoke and test out!

Even better to be able to sit on the couch in the lounge after dinner, kicking back, enjoying a cigarette and watching the World T20 championship. From this point of view, it cannot be rivaled or even compared to traditional cigarette smoking.

I test drove the NCIG model.

The product is all it says it is. It is virtually odourless and there is no first or second hand smoke and from that point of view it is inoffensive for others around you. The product feels robust and durable and feels like the real thing from a tactile point of view – the NCIG model has the feel of a filter tipped cigar and this makes it very easy and comfortable to smoke and has none of the mess factor associated with it like ash or the ever offensive butt in the ash tray!

As a long time smoker, the concept of smoking an electronic cigarette does take some getting used to and to be honest is a little foreign at first. It does not take too much getting used to and before long you are puffing away just like a normal cigarette. Once you are done, simply put it down next to you and pick it up and carry on again when you are ready – convenience like never before!

While it is very simple to use, the instructions could do with some better explanation when it comes to the little plastic caps on the cartridges and there is no specific indication of what flavor or strength the actual cartridges are.

With regards taste, the cartridges that I tested had a kind of aniseed/liquorice taste which did not take much getting used to. The NJOY provided all the “benefits” associated with smoking from a physical and emotional point of view without any of the usual “outcast” labels associated with smoking.

As a frequent long haul flyer it would pose an interesting proposition to “light up” on a plane, but alas there was no travel or flying over the weekend that I tested the product!

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