The perfect Mother’s Day treatment – Hypoxi Therapy

The perfect Mother’s Day treatment – Hypoxi Therapy

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Moms forget the chocolates and flowers, it’s time to get really spoilt. You deserve a Mothers Day Gift that will last. Hypoxi Therapy is a proven treatment, used by many subscribers, and offers a natural, efficient and successful method of targeting and minimising those difficult wobbly parts of the body – without back aching stomach crunches or a surgeon’s knife in sight.

Whether you’ve identified your problem area as your stomach and waist or hips, thighs and buttocks, the Hypoxi and Vacunaut equipment is tailored to reduce inches, burn fat and rejuvenate skin leaving a smoother, slimmer physique. At just 30-minutes per training session it is easy to combine this treatment with your personal schedule.

The S120 Trainer combines the three components of Hypoxi Therapy effectively: high pressure, low pressure and training. The gentle exercise targets problem areas; stomach, hips, buttocks and legs, promotes vascular activity and eliminates fat in a targeted manner.

The L250 Trainer promotes the elimination of liquids and toxins. Targeted fat burning in the legs and buttocks with maximum relief of the veins is possible for all women regardless of their body weight or fitness level. The results a visible reduction of cellulite.

The Hypoxi Vacunaut concentrates the effects of the ancient art of vacuum and compression therapy in one device to target the middle section of the body. During a moderate training session, the abdominal and hip area are treated directly. The result is a rapid, long-lasting reduction in girth.

Hypoxi Dermology is a training method for firming and rejuvenating the skin. Just like the muscles, the skin needs exercise in order to remain firm and strong. Hypoxi Dermology can eliminate and reverse the signs of aging.

Personal advice, assistance and performance reviews play a central role at Hypoxi partner studios. Hypoxi Therapy is not limited to the selection and use of the correct method alone; it also includes important information about correct nutrition, ensuring that all users receive competent advice and attain their desired goal.

So spoil yourself with Hypoxi Therapy that promises to last longer than chocolate and flowers.

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