The Pink Boudoir – The Ultimate Booty Parlour

The Pink Boudoir – The Ultimate Booty Parlour

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Sense and sensuality: Feathers, frills, feminine finery

The word “boudoir” is French in origin and conjures up images of a woman’s private bedroom or drawing room. More importantly, is has evolved form the French word ‘bouder’, which means to pout. The Pink Boudoir has emulated this intimate environment in the form of a discreet and upmarket fitting and showroom where ladies can test, smell, experiment and pout to their hearts’ content. More personal than a boutique, with the refined decor and indulgent sophistication reminiscent of King Louis XVI, the Pink Boudoir embodies all that is glamour girl, sexy, and feminine as it recognises that women want to feel unique because they are. Not quite as out of touch as Marie Antoinette, but arguably of similar sassiness, the Pink Boudoir advocates that all women can have their cake, with chocolate icing.

The Pink Boudoir also appreciates that not all women are built like supermodels (which is why there are only 12 in a global population of over 6-billion) and have approached their tempting range of lingerie, hosiery and sleep-wear with the understanding that buying intimate wear is a personal experience. The Pink Boudoir invites ladies to indulge in their fantasies and pursue the boundaries of all things exotic in a secure and customised venue. The product line ranges from pretty and subtle lingerie and sleepwear, through a delicious line of spa and body treatments, to the more daring and adventurous adult toys.

The Pink Boudoir transcends the entrenched boundaries of female sexuality and questions conventionalist and traditionalist approaches to the female body and its sexual drives. It embraces the many faces of woman and the different degrees to which different women are comfortable with their sexual identities, offering a range of products from classic and girly to the more adventurous.

Beauty is in the ‘I’ of the beholder

The exclusive range of products, designed and customised by The Pink Boudoir engages all the senses. The product range includes:

– Custom-made lingerie
– Hosiery
– Costumes and outfits, tailored to fit perfectly
– Body glamour
– The Pink Boudoir body and skin range
– Spa range
– Adult toys

The Pink Boudoir also specialises in event management and party services, for the ultimate “girls’ night out”.

Redefining the fallacies of female sexuality
Taboo or not taboo, here are the answers:

That X-factor (yes, we are all born with it)
Believe it not, one chromosome of difference impacts tremendously on the drives, ambitions, thoughts and emotional status of a being. From the moment our biological identities are established, male and female may as well be categorized different species. Our bodies function differently to men’s in response to (or from a lack of) sexual stimuli. We all know we don’t have an “on” switch, but how many of us really know how to get the engine running?

FACT: the commercial vibrator’s appearance in the world was born from the medical fraternity. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, and beginning of the 20th, records marked an increase in clinical diagnoses of “female hysteria”. The clinical treatment for said diagnosis was applying force (either by small vibrating appliance or by water pressure) to the genital areas of the hysterical woman. Hmmm…The Pink Boudoir reckons there was method in this madness…needless to say, sales in these “essential appliances” increased and the incidence of “female hysteria” well- stopped.

If your adventurous spirit fails you, consider it good medical authority to give our range of adult toys a visit and plead hysteria.

From prohibition to inhibition to exhibition through intuition:

It is true: the species of woman has been repressed. It is also true that we have moved beyond this point- to such an extent, in fact, that we have become our own worst enemies. Our lists of activities are endless, our commitments infinite and our self gets relegated to the bottom of the inventory. Answer number two says that we longer give substance to our inhibitions, we accept who we are, and we show it off through timeless beauty and enduring grace.

Your body is a temple to be celebrated through decoration. Pamper, soften and polish your skin with products from the Glamourflage range and go exotic with subtle touches of Body Glamour.

The inverted mirror:

No, this isn’t a shady experiment to get you attuned to parts of your body you weren’t aware existed. Answer number three says that women don’t dress to impress the gaze of their male audience, nor do they wish to knock the socks/ suspenders off other women. A woman dresses attractively because it makes her feel good about herself it makes her more confident. And yes, you should pout at your reflection on a regular basis. And, even though it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks, it always feels better if everyone’s looking.

Never mind all that philosophical stuff about the inside- feeling good starts as close to your skin as possible; take a look at The Pink Boudoir’s tempting range of tailor-made lingerie and themed costumes:

Feeling naughty…go schoolgirl
Feeling nice…go nurse
Feeling cute…go girly
Feeling hot…go devilish

Engendering innovation: The brains behind the booty

Anita has always dreamt of big things, and possesses an unquestionable belief in herself. After completing her studies in sales, she began her career in the retail industry, gaining invaluable sales and marketing expertise which would ultimately prove to be her field of specialisation. Always driven to succeed, Anita received numerous sales awards during this period. An unexpected turn in her career led Anita into the tourism industry, which has become one of her passions. She spent several years developing new markets for an international tour operator, but an entrepreneur at heart, Anita started her own company in 1999, initially focusing on hospitality representation within the national and international tour operator market. The company has since grown into a leading marketing enterprise at the forefront of its field, offering integrated communication and sales services within the hospitality industry and other sectors. Over the years Anita has accepted several industry awards for campaigns and initiatives developed for her clients. Not one to settle for ordinary achievements, Anita’s visionary aspirations have led her to pursue business ventures in different fields, including a graphic design studio and most recently The Pink Boudoir. This latest pursuit has provided her an opportunity to explore her creativity in a fun way whilst tapping into her own intuition about modern women.

Anita’s inspiration for this latest venture is founded on the intrinsic belief that women are truly unique beings, possessing the ability to excel in business whist simultaneously being able to express empathy and compassion. Having found a kindred spirit in Candice Robbertze, Anita and Candice have launched The Pink Boudoir to fulfil their shared vision of offering women the opportunity to confidently and elegantly express all that makes them beautiful in a classy and comfortable environment.

Candice strives to defy conventions and continuously seeks ways to express her vibrant energy. Motivated by the appeal of her own income as a scholar, Candice worked part-time as a fragrance consultant during her high school years. She completed her studies in hospitality management and began to finely tune her customer relations skills whilst working on luxury yachts and co-ordinating functions and events at a hotel and an event production company. She also initiated marketing campaigns and strategies for various entertainment venues in Gauteng. Candice celebrates her femininity through dance, and was the official dancer for a major dance production company in South Africa. She developed a clothing and accessory range during this time, which ultimately inspired her to contemplate developing a range of sensual yet elegant garments and products for women. A chance meeting with Anita set the ball rolling from contemplation to action, and the subsequent conception of The Pink Boudoir.

The success of the union of Anita and Candice is largely due to their shared strengths: abundant creativity, an understanding of marketing, and a passion for empowering women to reach their full potential on all levels. With Anita’s business acumen and Candice’s pizzazz the dynamic duo are sure to inspire and enlighten all progressive women in South Africa with The Pink Boudoir.

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