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The Rosebank Hotel

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I thought to myself this is something different because…

We checked in at 17h30 and were greeted by Elmarie Malherbe who exudes charm and beauty and makes you feel right at home, even before you’ve checked into your room. Guest relations greets you and each has their own vibrant and exciting personality that makes you feel like the most important person that has ever walked through the newly renovated hotel. I felt so welcome, I had the urge to ask Elmarie to join us for dinner for a good meal and a great chat!

The new and the interesting
The hotel has undergone major renovations giving the hotel a new fresh and oh-so-sexy feel. The hotel is built around the concept of a 360° or circular motion where everything feeds into the next. This makes the entire reception, entertainment and bar sections very communicative.
It’s an area of light and space and volume!

The Rosebank is fast becoming the hottest place to be. Not only does the hotel cater and appeal to the discerning business traveler, but also to guest looking to relax as well as have a good time.

The Circle Bar…So Chic So Vibrant
Like a scene out of Sex in the City, the recent refurbishment means that The Rosebank is a social landmark as well, poised to capture Johannesburg’s elite as a venue for sundowners, cocktails and to party the night away. The atmosphere is energetic and no matter who you are, you feel like a million bucks!

I can honestly say that I have never tasted cocktails quite like those served at Circle Bar. The Rosebank has gone far and beyond to keep its guests coming back for more, they have employed the services of South Africa’s leading mixologist, Kurt Schlechter, to conceptualise a cocktail menu that is out of this world. No scrimping on the alcohol here, Kurt really knows what he is doing. With a menu that will make your mouth water, there is a huge variety of colourful and exotic mixes to cater to everyone’s taste. And for those of you who feel like being a little difficult, put Kurt to the test…

Trust me, I am becoming an avid member of the Cocktail Appreciation Society and am meeting with the girls on Thursday evenings to put the bar staff to the test.

Butcher Block Executive Grill
The space created for the Butcher Block restaurant, which will provide Rosebank guests and Johannesburg residents with some of the finest steaks that South Africa has to offer, has been created to engage with the outside world. The restaurant space was very inward looking, a blank street presence. The Butcher Block is now a corner restaurant, a cube of windows creating a box of light that is visible from the street – and the street is visible from the restaurant.

The Room
What can I say, just take a look at the pictures alongside. The rooms are spacious and elegantly decorated. The detailing in the rooms is clean and unmarked, making it the perfect spot to retreat to after a long night of fun at The Circle Bar.

Fresh…The Restaurant
Imagine an array of fresh and delectable foods, vibrant ingredients in immaculately presented dishes to appeal to the lighter and healthier side of life. Andrew Hammond (Head Chef) speaks enthusiastically about everything on Fresh’s menu, but is particularly fervent about the seafood they offer. Seafood is a low in fat, high in Omega 3, and at its absolute best when it’s at its freshest. “Come and eat the prawns until you drop,” says Hammond with a wicked smile.

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