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The Single Estate offers you a gourmet, quality Zimbabwean coffee roasted from the finest Arabica coffee beans and freshly packed at the source, in a sophisticated packaging designed to seal in its unique flavour. Farfell estate coffee needs to be tasted for you to realise its superiority to the blended coffees found on your local supermarket shelf.

Farfell is a gourmet coffee that distinguishes itself by its unique flavour. Generally, coffee is blended with beans from various countries or regions. An estate coffee however, comes from a single farm that grows a coffee of fine enough quality to stand on its own. Grown in unique climatic and soil conditions, on the slopes of Mount Selinda in south-eastern Zimbabwe, Farfell’s superior taste and quality lends itself to a luxurious coffee, bold as it is subtle.

As a customer and consumer you can be confident about the consistency of your coffee’s flavour and quality, just as you would trust the superiority of a single malt whisky or estate wine. Farfell, which can be purchased as filter, espresso, or whole bean, will not only fill your home with blissful aromas, but with its outstanding class, you will find this superb coffee in top hotels around the globe.

Whether you buy this magnificent coffee to enjoy in your own home, or to fill your accommodation establishment or restaurant with little luxuries like a delicious coffee, you will, without a doubt, never go back to blended coffees! Spoil yourself and those around you with this marvellous coffee, which can be purchased by the bag and delivered to you at exceptionally reasonable prices.

Place your orders with The Single Estate now and stand a chance to win a fabulous Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker!

For orders or enquiries, please contact Greg on the numbers alongside.

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