The ‘smoke anywhere and anytime’ smoke-free cigarette

The ‘smoke anywhere and anytime’ smoke-free cigarette

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It’s a smoke-free, smoke anywhere and smoke anytime cigarette; it’s guaranteed to make smokers welcome any place; and it’s listed on the US hit TV show, The Doctors, as one of the top 10 health trends of 2009. Electronic cigarettes offer the pleasure but not the pain associated with smoking.

The NJOY electronic cigarette is non-flammable. It looks like a normal cigarette in shape and size, but contains a rechargeable battery and LED instead of cured tobacco; and a replaceable cartridge containing nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol in the filter. These cigarettes don’t burn down, but deliver a puff whenever the smoker wants one. The act of inhaling triggers a vaporising process that releases simulated smoke.

According to Mark Taitz, MD of NJOY SA, consumer acceptance of NJOY has been excellent across 60 countries. “In a survey of NJOY customers, 92% said they liked the product so much that they told others about it.”

Electronic cigarettes were launched into in Beijing, China, in 2004, and growth has been steady ever since. In South Africa, the NJOY electronic cigarette brand is available through Calora, a leading distributor of innovative products and pharmaceuticals. NJOY e-cigarettes were first introduced by TSC Group, a US-based company that is renowned for its breakthrough products.

The NJOY product range includes two device styles:

• NPRO, which is similar in size and colour to a traditional cigarette, and

• NCIG which is a longer, more stylish device reminiscent of those used in Hollywood in the mid-1900s.

Cartridges are available in multiple flavours including traditional, menthol, strawberry, vanilla and apple, and varying nicotine strengths.

The benefits of using NJOY electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarettes are numerous; the biggest being the social acceptability of the product. “Smokers can puff away without fear of being ostracised in smoke-free zones – at work, in restaurants and pubs, in cars and public transport, in aeroplanes and airports, in lectures and conferences – in fact, just about anywhere where previously they were prohibited from smoking,” says Taitz. He says the NJOY e-cigarette does not emit smoke, but a virtually odourless mist that evaporates within seconds, leaving no visual residue in the air or lingering smell anywhere.

Other major benefits of NJOY e-cigarettes include smoking pleasure – these cigarettes produce the tactile and craving satisfactions that smokers seek; no first or second hand smoke and thus no unpleasant odours; no known carcinogens; lower cost; convenience; and ease of use.

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