The Sprite Hip Hoop Tour

The Sprite Hip Hoop Tour

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The Sprite Hip Hoop Tour

Sprite recently announced their continuous role in quenching both physical and emotional thirst through the freedom of basketball. The Sprite Hip Hoop Tour is at the forefront of youth culture and promotes a lifestyle of Hip Hop, poetry, fashion, graffiti and basketball.

Tour outline:

• The tour aims to create awareness on basketball and encourage more children to start playing the sport.
• The tour will also give a platform to untapped talent scouted by Slikour in the areas of free styling, dancing to name a few.

• Locations start from the Vaal and proceed through Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Witbank, Polokwane, Mafikeng, Pretoria and the finals in Soweto.

• At each of the 9 locations, Pre Hypes will take place on the Thursday and Friday to scout for the most promising of young talent. The Saturday will see teenagers motivated to secure a place in the Sprite Basketball Elite Camp.


• In the basketball category at each of the 9 locations, 30 teams of 4 children will be registered per event.
• Children will play one on one to secure their spot in The Sprite Elite Invitational Camp to take place in the week of Sunday, 8th of July.
• A Sprite Hip Hoop Tour gig rig will travel to selected venues e.g. shopping centres etc, announcing to children to join the event Pre Hypes on the Thursday and Friday, and the basketball tournament on the Saturday to show case their talent on a basketball court.

Event Entertainment:

• Skwatta Kamp, Morafe and Teargas to name a few will, alternate their performances at each of the locations on a Saturday.
• Added entertainment on the Saturday will be provided by the youngsters that have been scouted by Hip Hop star Slikour from Skwatta Kamp, in the Pre Hypes from the Thursday and Friday scouting.

Entertainment Pre Hypes:

• Pre Hype entertainment will also take place with the Sprite gig rig, Slikour from Skwatta Kamp will scout selected venues e.g. schools etc. for talented youngsters.
• Categories for entertainment sourced from the Pre Hypes will include dancing, poetry and free styling.

• Selected youngsters with potential will be asked to return to the event on the Saturday to perform their various skills, and to also share the stage with our South African Hip Hop established artists e.g. Skwatta Kamp, Morafe and Teargas etc.

The Sprite Elite Invitational Camp:

• The Sprite Elite Invitational Camp, will come alive on the week of Sunday, 8th of July, this will be the best selected players determined from the provincial winners of The Sprite Hip Hoop Tour.

• The top 10 players selected from The Sprite Elite Invitational Camp will then be invited to participate in the International Basketball without Borders NBA developmental programme.

Basketball without Borders:

• Basketball without Borders is a global basketball development and community relations outreach program that promotes leadership, education, sportsmanship and healthy living program that brings people together to discuss important social issues such as HIV/Aids prevention.
• Each Basketball without Borders camp features current and former international NBA players and team personnel, these international NBA stars will make their way to South Africa to act as camp coaches.

More details to follow.

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