Sicily – The Stunning City Of Romance

The must-see Sicily is waiting! Visit this dream destination for architecture, rich history, the tallest active volcanic mountain in Europe, and so much more.

Sicily – The Stunning City Of Romance

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Sicily is a great Southern Italian attraction and home to the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, which embraces a rural countryside exclusive in its interesting culture, rich history, lovely climate and beautiful scenery!

What to do there?

For the culture lovers out there, Sicily offers a variety of sceneries to please the eye, despite being a very small and underprivileged town. It is home to World Heritage Sites like the Valley of Temples (Valle dei Templi) which gives visitors an amazing view of the temples of Grecian Art and architecture, and the Late Baroque Towns of the Val di Nolo which is a huge collection of towns with a unique yet similar architectural style. The infamous beautiful baroque architecture in the form of ancient cities and cultures is also a firm favourite amongst tourists.

Sicily is also home to Mount Etna, the tallest 3000m-high active volcanic mountain in Europe, which is extremely popular for trekking and is one of Sicily’s most exhilarating adventures.

If architectural sightseeing is not enough for you, more scenery lies within the amazing white sand and turquoise seawater beaches. The San Vito lo Capo beach has an enthralling view, in which water sports are prevalent and widely favoured by visitors. The Aeolian Islands are equally exquisite, with their cobalt blue sea, steaming volcanoes and mountains draped in wildflowers … what a sight! It is the ultimate Holy Grail for island lovers.

Where to stay?

Take a look at the various accommodation options here.

How to get there?

With no direct flights from Johannesburg to Italy, you can catch an SAA flight from Johannesburg to Cairo then catch a connecting flight to Sicily from there. Approximately 7618.7 kilometres and 10 flight hours is what’s standing between you and this must-see exotic destination!

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