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The Yard of Ale, as it turns out is a beer yard situated in Parktown and is basically an off-shoot of the popular Italian restaurant, Angelo’s Kitchen. I met with the owner Angelo, a friendly guy who took some time to explain the idea behind The Yard of Ale. The idea was to create a relaxed atmosphere specifically designed to cater to the upper LSM crowd, in other words, not a student dive like Melville or Greenside. You’d be surprised at how few places actually cater to people outside of the student demographic, who still want to have a few drinks with their friends.

Seating is all outdoors; in typical beer yard fashion with bench seating and ample shade. I loved all the specials being written on the pillars as you walk in, not to mention the fact that they do ice buckets for tables and even have blankets for chilly nights. All of this goes a long way in making The Yard of Ale one of my all time favourite summer spots in Joburg.

In keeping with the current beer trend in Joburg, The Yard of Ale serve craft beer on tap as well as all the popular bottled beers you’d expect. The beer menu isn’t huge with local favourite, Copperlake, taking the centre stage but there is enough choice to keep any beer fan satisfied.

In terms of food, the menu is supplied by next doors Angelo’s Kitchen which has always been popular with their motto ‘creative Italian’ pretty much summing up their outlook on Italian cuisine. You can expect classic Italian flavours but with an experimental flare, not to mention the ubiquitous woodfired pizza. I had spicy calamari in tomato sauce which was served with woodfired focaccia bread, a sprig of fresh basil on top and the usual parmesan and chilli accompaniments. It was delicious, I can honestly say that it’s one of the most original and flavourful calamari dishes I’ve had and I will be back soon!

The Yard of Ale is without a doubt one of my favourite sunny hangouts and I’d be hard pressed to book a table elsewhere this Spring, especially if you’re in the Parkhurst/Parktown area.

Address: Parktown Quarters (Entrance just off the parking lot), 7th Avenue, Parktown North
Contact: 011 447 8001

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