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This is as close as it gets to seeing what an astronaut sees as they look back at our lonely little planet from the vast emptiness of space. This has to be the ultimate combination of adrenaline rush and spiritual high, flying at Mach 2.5, 25 kilometres into the upper atmosphere (where you’ll be above 99% of it, by the way), in a MiG-25 Foxbat with over 1000km of horizon before (or actually beneath) you.

Your trip includes a return ticket to Russia, 2 nights in a luxury hotel in Moscow, a custom made leather flight jacket, flight certificate, a photo with the jet and pilot on the runway, private English speaking guides, and an experience that will change you forever. The event takes place outside Moscow in Russia (an experience in itself) and the whole trip can be tailored to your requirements.


After the ground crew has strapped you in, the canopy is shut around you. This is it, you’re ready to go. The pilot behind you starts the aircraft’s twin engines and performs his safety checks whilst the engines warm for a few minutes, then you taxi out onto the end of the runway – the longest in the world.

After a few more minutes of checks, he opens the throttles whilst still sitting on the brakes. You really are going now. The aircraft jumps forward as the brakes are released, the afterburners come on and you surge forward at breathtaking speed. After a few more seconds, smooth take off over, you accelerate to Mach 1.

A couple of gentle 360 degree rolls bring a renewed surge of adrenaline and excitement. In no time at all you’re breaking the sound barrier and heading towards Mach 2. Then your pilot pulls the stick back and you shoot towards heaven. The climb to altitude is quick, within 10 minutes the voice in your headset will start counting off the kilometres, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 and finally 25 kilometres above the earth – that’s 82,000 feet up, above 99% of the atmosphere.

The sky’s black, above you only stars and the vast expanse of the universe, below you the Earth curves away, the atmosphere a thin blue line glowing on the horizon. You’re now one of the fastest travelling, highest flying humans. You can take photos and videos before your even more rapid descent, a final roll over the airfield, turn and land.

Jelly legged, having gone where few have travelled, you step onto the tarmac, suddenly aware of the great advances of mankind, and yet at the same time stunned by the insignificance of our tiny little world.

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