Things Just Got Even More Delicious With Crumbs & Cream’s Irresistible Summer Menu

It’s summer! So, what are you doing indoors? It’s time to get out there, enjoy the amazing summer weather that we know and love, do a little exploring in the city, and even delight our senses with something sweet, creamy and crumbly, oozing with whipped cream and tasty toppings. Did the latter get your attention? If yes, then make sure you stop by Crumbs & Cream at Illovo Junction. They have a sweet treat just for you this summer. 

Tickle Your Taste Buds This Summer

As a Joburger, you know that the city gets hella hot over summer! We’ll do anything and everything to keep cool, from taking a dip in the pool like everyone else to standing in front of the fridge, doors wide open, and even sticking our heads into the freezer. But there’s a better (and tastier) way to keep cool this summer. Cue, Crumbs & Cream and their #CrumbsMagic summer menu!

Crumbs & Cream

As the temperature rises, why not let Crumbs & Cream’s brand-spanking-new summer menu filled with loads of indulgent and irresistible cookie creations keep you cool? You can expect everything from classic, interesting and new ice cream flavours and chewy and oh-so-heavenly cookies, to wildly inventive shakes and the sweetest holiday solution for the little ones. Forget about that summer diet, we need to get some decadent goodness into our bellies right now!

To find out more about what’s in store at Crumbs & Cream, visit their website at Also, don’t forget to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see some mouthwatering pics!

“So, What’s on the Menu?”

Well, we’re glad you asked! Crumbs & Cream has a variety of brand-new sweet treats for you to try this summer.To start off the yummy line-up, welcome the delicious Cookie Dough cookies to the Crumbs & Cream family. There’s nothing more comforting than biting into frozen choc-chip cookie dough complete with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. So good! You can indulge in this goodie at R38 per ice cream sandwich.

Crumbs & Cream

Next up on the summer menu is their new Cinnamon Roll. You’ve got to see it (and taste it) to believe it. Just imagine a soft, moist and freshly baked cinnamon roll, topped with creamy ice cream, decadent sauce and fluffy whipped cream. Yes, please! You can get your hands on this buddy for just R48.

Crumbs & Cream

Another must-try is the Special Shake Series. Take your pick from three crazy new milkshake inventions – The Nutella shake, the Churros shake and the Cookie shake. Goodness, the choices! Get your milkshake fix at R48 a pop.

Crumbs & Cream

And the sweet goodness doesn’t stop there. The new Half/Half Brownie and Choc-Chip cookie has come to town! This is an irresistible combination of Crumbs & Cream’s two best sellers. Another new flavour to keep an eye out for is their Peanut Butter Bomb cookies. These cookies are filled with peanut butter spread AND decadent white chocolate. Talk about cookie heaven. At just R15 a cookie, there’s no way you can give these guys a miss.

Now onto the new ice cream flavours! Try interesting and yummy flavours such as Churros (made from real Churros), Kinder Bueno, chocolate peanut butter and the summery and tropical pineapple sorbet (and it’s vegan). Make sure you keep an eye out on their social media platforms as more exciting flavour surprises coming soon.

Crumbs & Cream

Their ice cream is so good that we wish that we could just buy our own stash and take it home! Well, now we can. You can get your favourite ice cream served in their new 500ml tubs, take it home, pop it in the freezer and enjoy it whenever you want. Absolute bliss, that’s all we can say.

Crumbs & Cream

And last but certainly not least, Crumbs & Cream have solutions to all your entertainment problems. “How?”, you ask? Well, for starters, it’s the school holidays and surely you need genius ways to keep the little ones preoccupied, right? Right, so gather up your little angels, head to Crumbs & Cream and enjoy your favourite ice cream sandwich in peace while the kids create their own cookies with the new DIY kit! The kit includes dough, toppings, shapes, a roller and a cute Crumbs & Cream apron. It’s a treat for the whole family.

Crumbs & Cream

And if you’re planning an event, why not let Crumbs & Cream work their magic. Their party solutions will delight all your guests, guaranteed. You can have your made-to-order mini and original ice cream sandwiches delivered to your event, try their new Mobile Freezer or go all out with their events cart. How fabulous!

Crumbs & Cream

Crumbs & Cream certainly has summer all wrapped up!

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