Think Bike! – An open letter to all Road users

Think Bike! – An open letter to all Road users

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Please stop killing us!
To all our loyal Readers

I have been riding bikes since the age of 7, both on the road as well as motocross and enduro. During this time, I have lost many friends to needless accidents with the majority of these friends dying in collisions with cars.

Many of the people I talk to have stories about incidents with Bikes on the road and some of them have even told me how they purposely go out of there way to frustrate the riders.

What the average motor vehicle driver does not understand is, we do not have a metal body around us, we do not have airbags and that if we collide with you, we may scratch your car but the possibility of you killing us at the same time is very real.

As in any population, there will always be elements of the group who give the group a negative image by acting irresponsible and sometimes even worse, but I appeal to you all to not let this deter you from being alert and aware of the bikes around you.

Just a thought that may give a face to the unseen helmeted bikers. I am one, I am married to a school teacher and have a beautiful son of 11 who is a great sportsman and a little Angel of a daughter who is the love of my life and the model little ballerina. I am one of thousands and risk not going home to them every day of my life because someone was not paying attention.

If you would like to join in our effort to save lives, please do one very small favour for us. Please print this letter and distribute to all your friends, family and colleagues then visit the Think Bike website for more information. This will cost you nothing, but may ensure that a Daddy goes home to his little ballerina alive.

Kind regards
Sean PSB!

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