This weeks gadgets and gizmos

This weeks gadgets and gizmos

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Sony Wearable Walkman

• Wire-free wearable music player

• Slim headset design

• 2GB storage


Sony’s Walkman devices now include a product that has integrated the Walkman component directly with a headset. The result is an ultra-slim, lightweight set of headphones that has the audio storage and playback component mounted on the earpiece. The main benefit of the design is that you no longer need to worry about wires trailing from your music player to your ears.

It’s very comfortable, as the player component does not add significant weight to the headset. It is also rather tight since it has to handle the rigours of an active person’s exercise regimen.
The only real downside to this device is the fact that it’s not entirely sweat-proof. It’s a fairly major oversight considering how well-suited it is to an active, healthy lifestyle, but with just a little TLC after each workout (wiping it down with a towel or tissue, for example), and it will last for years.
Rating: 4/5

Cool-er eBook Reader

• An alternative to Amazon’s Kindle
• has over 2m titles
• Only uses power to turn pages

R2 999.95

If you’ve been considering buying a Kindle ebook reader but you’ve been put off by the licensing issues which have narrowed the range of ebooks available to African Kindle owners from, the Cool-erebook reader might be for you.

The Cool-er reader is not quite as slick as the Kindle, offering no wireless connectivity or a hardware keyboard, but it is slightly cheaper, and supports a wider range of ebook formats. The body is made of plastic, making it slightly less sturdy, but its battery does last for 8000 page turns and the screen is clear (albeit not as clear as the Kindle).

The most compelling reason to buy a Cool-erebook reader is the large library of books available from With over two million titles to choose from, you’ll never run out of things to read.
Rating: 3/5

Nintendo DSi XL

• Improved version of best-selling DS
• Screens are 93% bigger than original DS
• 100% backwards-compatible

R2 099.95

Nintendo’s latest version of the DS, the DSi XL, is a larger version of the handheld games console that increases the screen size by a factor of 93%. It’s still the same, awesome idea, just packed into a larger shell, with some tweaked capabilities.

The browser on the DSi XL is especially well-done, allowing users to browse the Internet far easier than on previous DS versions. It also accommodates people with large hands better thanks to a pen-sized stylus that makes pressing its responsive touch-screen that much easier.

DS games are innovative and fun, and the DSi XL is 100% backwards-compatible with all the amazing titles that helped the console reach 125+ million sales worldwide. If you’ve ever considered the DS but have held off, there is no better time than now to pick one up.
Rating: 5/5

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