This weeks must-have gadgets

This weeks must-have gadgets

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CoolIT Domino Liquid Cooling

Cooling a computer’s central processing unit (CPU) with a copper-based cooler and a noisy fan is the way it’s been done for ages, with water cooling solutions taking a distant second place due to their complexity and cost. No more is that the reality, thanks to CoolIT’s new Domino Liquid Cooling solution – it costs just over a thousand Rand and is already completely assembled, and all you need do is install it.

That is the tricky part, really – you will need to take your motherboard out your case which may require the aid of an IT-savvy friend. This is to install the backplate that the liquid-cooled CPU block attaches to. Intel and AMD processors are supported, so it’s platform-agnostic. You will need room for a 120mm fan in your case, however, as this is a rather large unit.

The benefits of liquid cooling are less fan noise and a cooler CPU even when it’s under load, which leads to a longer lifespan and therefore more value for you. It’s a simple, elegant solution to the complexity of previous liquid cooling designs, and at that price, who can say no?

Noteworthy specs:
• Takes up one 120mm fan bay
• For Intel and AMD CPUs
• LCD display shows critical info

Price: R1 099.95

Playstation 3 Slim

Sony has done with the PS3 what they’ve done with all Sony consoles to date – they have released a slim version at a reduced price with the intention of attracting new customers to their fold. And at that price, it’s a very enticing proposition, especially considering the built-in Blu-ray drive and 120GB hard drive people will get for their cash.

The PS3 is a premium gaming and entertainment console, with a vast line-up of impressive, PS3-exclusive games on offer as well as the Playstation Network that enables social interactions and multiplayer gaming. Best of all, it’s a free service, unlike that other console that charges for similar privileges. Throw in Blu-ray movie support and high-definition AV outputs and you have an entertainment powerhouse on your hands.

The only compromise you’ll make with the new slim PS3 is the fact that it can’t play PS2 games, but then if you’re gaming on a big screen, the age of those old titles shows so it’s no real loss. With so much on offer and Christmas so close, the new PS3 Slim presents an attractive gift idea for young and old alike.

Noteworthy specs:
• Slimmer looks than the original
• New 120GB hard drive
• Tons of HD games to play

• Blu-ray movie playback

Price: R3 799.95

Fujifilm Finepix REAL 3D W1 Camera
It’s not only 3D movies making a comeback these days, but some camera makers are jumping on the 3D bandwagon too. Fujifilm has recently introduced its new REAL 3D W1 camera that takes pictures that fool the brain into believing they are not just flat images.

By using what is essentially a perspective trick based on two different viewpoints of the same shot thanks to the two-lens setup, the camera can capture truly unique 3D imagery. It uses a ‘Light Direction Control System’ that alternates between the two images at 60 frames per second on the camera’s LCD to make you believe you’re seeing a 3D shot.

These images can be printed out using a special printing process, but it’s expensive. If you’re not in a 3D mood, the W1 also functions as a very capable 2D camera with its 10MP image sensor and 3x optical zoom.

Noteworthy specs
• 10MP Digital Camera
• 3x Optical Zoom
• 7.1cm LCD screen

Price: R5 999.95

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