Three – Book launch

Three – Book launch

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Jacanda Media invites you to an evening without children. Yes, it’s true. There will be no children for a five-mile radius. Apart from Clive simpkins that is, your fabulous host for the evening. He will be joined by award-winning writer and Living and Loving columnist, Giselle Wilcox, to celebrate the launch of her book, three, which offers written proof that if parenting is driving you mad, you are in good – and very funny – company.

So join Clive and Giselle for a funky finger supper that will not end late because God knows you need your beauty sleep. Giselle doesn’t plan on talking too much. As for Clive – well, there’s only so much shutting the man up a girl can do!

Date: Tuesday, 1st September 2009. RSVP by Thursday, 27th August
Time: From 19h00
Venue: Bambanani, 4th Avenue Melville

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