Time to chill winners

Time to chill winners

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I met Ant (Antoinette) years ago at an advert agency. We worked together for a few years, but weren’t friends then. However, after I left the agency, we found we had a lot in common. Reading, food, art, creativity, etc. When we meet up, sometimes at a ‘new’ restaurant, sometimes at our houses, we talk endlessly, non-stop.

I’ve learned to make a list beforehand of all the things I want to chat about. But still, as soon as I’ve said goodbye with a very sore throat, I remembered something I should have told her.

Ant is just amazing! After her divorce, she left the agency and started her own company with 2 other female partners. And they are kept mega busy! Most evenings, Ant would join her friends on a brisk walk for a few kilometres. While chatting all the way!

Besides that, she is forever going to parties, buying presents for kids, making presents for her friends, organising pre-theatre parties, doing Saturday/Sunday morning walk competitions, going to the movies, helping a friend clean her house from clutter, help her friends collect bottles for recycling, doing Saturday market mornings, going on dates, helping after-school kids with extra lessons – and she still does her own housework too!!!

Ant is also amazingly creative! She would find an unique way of presenting a gift, throwing a party or an unique way to surprise someone. She just loves food and she’s always willing to try out some of my kitchen testers.

She is just so enthusiastic, kind, inspiring, creative, energetic, outgoing, bubbly, quirky and always ready for a challenge!

It would be lovely for Ant to chill out with some lovely frozen cocktails! Maybe if I promise her Margarita cupcakes, she will share a cocktail with me ….

Alma Pretorius

I’d like to nominate my friend Caroline. She is the one person to whom I’ve poured out my deepest secrets and fears, who’s seen me at my most insane. She listened to (and cried with) me when my sister died, and then my gran, and then my nephew, and then my mom. She’s the lady who:
– drops her last R100 note on your table without telling you, because she knows things are “a little tight”;
– she’ll fetch and carry you when you don’t have a car and need to get somewhere;
– she seems to know when you just need a kind word

I could go on and on .. suffice to say, I am honoured and privileged to call her friend, and to top it all – she’s married to my cousin, so she’s family too!!


I nominate Vio. She is my sister and my best friend. Vio is phenomenal person. She has endured the worst tragedy of all – losing her husband in a motor bike accident on his way to work in the morning.

She still manages wake up everyday; go to a very demanding job; interact with clients an sadly come home to an empty house.She is involved in many charities(like CEEP) and coordinates hospital painting projects as well as raising money for other charities.

She has started projects at work and her company has now started supporting various causes because of her.Although she has suffered immensly and is still going through the grieving process; she still finds time to help others who are less fortunate and offers a smile.I think she is very courageous.

Owing to everything that has unfolded over the last year; I believe that she needs to and deserves to chill out.


I would like to nominate Kona – who is actually my best friend and husband.

Well I think he seriously needs to sit back relax and chill , this morning he nearly gargled his mouth with the green Dettol instead of the Listerine. Granted they were next to each other but surely you should be awake enough to smell Dettol over Listerine!

Kona has just become the principal of a school which is proving to be quite challenge …………….and I think he is in dire need of some well deserved R&R.


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