Ever heard of a free mobile app that allows you to game and bag some of your favourite fashion and high-tech brands? Well, look no further than Tonplaygo! This app is an entertainment and gaming platform built around a tangible connection to your favourite brands.


How to play

You get a chance to compete against your friends and the clock, travel the Road to Fame while bagging your favourite brands. And you can continue winning because the game resets each week!

Each week your challenge starts by selection a gaming category of your choice. Then you travel the Road to Fame by correctly answering an image-quiz and trivia questions. However, you only have 30 seconds to answer each question.

The Road to Fame consists of six status levels that are customised for each gaming category. Each status level awards you with more Ton Bucks, the virtual currency, to bag potential prizes. It also enables you to bag up to R8 000 worth of great brands throughout the game!

Sound like something you want to try out? Then what are you waiting for, go download it now!


For more information about the app visit their website here.

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