Top 10 Engagement Gift Ideas

So people around you are getting engaged left, right and centre and you’re left staring at a random collection of items in a homeware shop, racking your brains about what to buy. Practical or pretty? Big or small? Something for the kitchen or something for the home? Put your mind at ease – we’ve thought this through.


A Knife Set

You can’t go wrong with a set of knives as a gift. Whether you opt for the butter, bread or steak variety, this type of gift will always be appreciated. Just make sure they’re of good quality so that they’ll last for many years to come.

Our pick: these knives from Victorinox are great – they can be used as steak knives, for chopping up fruits and veggies and just about everything else. Plus, they come in a variety of colours so why not mix and match them up a bit for a fun look?

A Water Jug

No one quite thinks of buying water jugs as gifts but they’re something every homeowner needs, right? A great jug is a must for when the newlyweds have guests over, especially on those boiling hot summer days when they’ll need cool water at hand (pop some mint and lemon into your jug, fill with water and store in the fridge for a couple of hours!).

Our pick: this sturdy jug from Carrol Boyes will do the job nicely.

A Cheese Board

Everyone loves cheese, right? Of course they do. And, needless to say, all cheese lovers need to have a cheeseboard lying around somewhere. Plus, it’ll give them an excuse to host a cheese and wine evening (perhaps you should hint at that in your card and maybe you’ll even crack an invite).

Our pick: this wooden cheese board from @home is just the thing.

A Recipe Book

One can never have too many recipe books. This is a truth you can’t deny. So why not gift the couple with a great one? If you know what kinds of food they like, you can be specific – say, if they’re super-health conscious, a raw ‘cook’ book might be the one, but if you’re not entirely sure of their eating habits, perhaps a general recipe book is your safest bet.

Our pick: Jamie’s Comfort Food – this one is for when they’ve got time to make delicious meals over weekends – they’ll get to bond over the prep. Isn’t that sweet?

A Vase

Everyone loves getting flowers. Yes, guys too (right, guys?). What sucks is when you get flowers but have nowhere to put them. No, you can’t get away with leaving them in the sink for a week, pretending you put them in an old paint bucket because it looks cool or just letting them die a slow, painful death by not putting them in anything at all. A vase is a great gift idea so why not get a nice, sturdy one that can live in the couple’s entrance hall?

Our pick: this one from Mr Price home is a metallic twist on the classic glass vase.

A Nutribullet

This is a kitchen product that everyone should own. You might want to join forces with a friend or two so that you can all chip in if you’re not too keen on buying this nifty gadget from your pocket and your pocket alone. It’s not quite a blender – it’s a food extractor that really gets all the nutrients out of the ingredients you put into it. Can you say hello health?

Hint: while the Nutribullet comes with a couple of recipes, if you know the couple well enough, maybe suggest a few of your own. Nice touch, you know?

A Tablecloth

A tablecloth really brings an extra touch of warmth to a sit-down meal, don’t you think? A fun, colourful tablecloth will bring a burst of brightness to a room, while a monochromatic one will tie things together – it helps if you’ve seen the couple’s home (if you haven’t what are you even doing at their engagement party?).

Our pick: this understated beaut from Woolworths is great. If they don’t like it, I’ll have it. Thanks.

Fun Home Décor

Why not let the couple spruce their home up with a bit of fun, quirky décor? This gift will work best for couples who just so happen to be more on the artsy side of life – how about some fun bunting or a cute throw cushion?

Our pick: this flag and this flag, too. Aren’t they just darling?

A Set Of Mugs

Who wouldn’t want a nice set of mugs to drink a cuppa Joe or a comforting cup of tea out of? Good quality, long-lasting mugs make for a great gift, whether or not your engaged friends or family like tea – they’re bound to have guests over who do!

Our pick: these mugs from Le Cruset are fantastic. You can mix and match the colours or get a whole bunch in just one hue – it’s up to you.

A Nespresso Machine

If you’re feeling extra generous and you know your soon-to-be-married friends or family members love their coffee, a Nespresso will have them smiling from ear to ear (and just generally being more productive and nicer human beings – coffee will do that to you). With a wide range of flavours, their mornings, afternoons and, if they’re those weirdos who drink caffeine after 15:00, will be forever changed… for the better.

By Nikki Samakosky

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