Top 10 Milk Tart HotSpots in Johannesburg

We all get those uncontrollable milk tart cravings every now and then that can only be settled by having a slice or eight of the best tart around. Don’t worry for a minute longer, we’ve compiled a list of the top spots in Johannesburg to get your fix.



The Whippet

According to an ample amount of Linden locals, the Whippet not only serves some of the best java in town but stocks the creamiest milk tart. If you’re into coffee and milk tarts then be sure to check out this really cool establishment – your sweet tooth will thank us.

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This one is a special and one of the top spots to grab some of South Africa’s favourite desserts. The recipe Cultiv8 uses has been around for three generations and guarded as a state secret. There is a catch, though. The milk tart does not appear on the menu but can be prepared just for you if you contact the eatery in advance. Trust us, it’s worth the effort.

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Zoo Lake is known for two things: its awesome flora and Moyo restaurant. The restaurant is one of few places that cover so many cultures on a single menu. Fortunately for us milk tarts aren’t left out here. Swing by and grab a slice and have your face painted in the process.

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District Six

Emmarentia is known to be home to many of Johannesburg’s favourite restaurants, and one of those boast the best milk tart in the country. District Six is a Cape Malays restaurant which serves an award-winning milk tart. The slices are huge and held perfectly together with phyllo pastry for the win. Check it out as soon as possible.

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310 Sustainable Eatery

Who would have thought that a bar and lounge type bistro would be serving mouth watering milk tart, right? Check it out. Fancy a craft beer and a slice of tart that’d have your gran blushing? Look no further than 310 in Paulshof.

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Cafe Dol Sol Botanic0

In Bryanston there’s a restaurant that took a slice of home and tossed in some Italian inspiration. Cafe Dol Sol sells milk tart panna cotta, which essentially means that the cream has been set and moulded with sugar and gelatine. Grab the family and head to this eatery and experience this gem first-hand.

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Fournos Bakery

Fournos has been voted the best bakery and deli in town for quite some time now and we have a suspicion that one of the biggest reasons is because of their milk tart. There’s a sense of lyricism which comes together as the cinnamon and full cream milk mix in your mouth – but let’s stop right there and not give away too much.

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Tart Patisserie

The best thing about Johannesburg is the fact that you can drive through any suburb and you’ll find a milk tart, but thanks to us your search has been made easier. If you find yourself in Lonehill be sure to check out Tart Patisserie. This little hotspot serves milk tart so delicious that you’d post about it on social media.

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One of the best places to grab breakfast when you’re visiting Braamfontein would be Post. Good coffee, good sandwiches and great milk tart – otherwise they wouldn’t be on this list, right?

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de Backery

In Edenvale there’s a Dutch bakery set inside a windmill. de Backery has been producing some of the best milk tart in the East Rand since 1963.

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