Top 5 Reading Apps

If you love reading but hate the thought of lugging a huge stash of books around then you’ll love our list of the Top 5 Reading Apps out there… enjoy! 

ipad4 reading app


If you’re an avid reader then you probably already have an Amazon account. Walking around with your Kindle device might be too much of a hassle but now you don’t have to carry extra gadgets with you when you have the Kindle app. It allows you to sync all the books you have on you Kindle device to your phone or smart device app. It also syncs the latest page you were on so you don’t have to worry about finding your page or bookmarking. The app also automatically syncs to the Kindle device to update any changes you may have done on the app to the device if relevant. You can also write Amazon reviews using your Kindle app.

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Cost: Free


With a wide range of classics and must-reads available for free or close to nothing, iBooks ought to be on every bibliophile’s phone or smart device. Not only can you purchase exciting books and novels in the genres you enjoy, you can also use the app to open PDF files and e-books from other sources using the app. You can make notes, annotations, highlights, manually bookmark or leave the app to automatically bookmark for you. What’s even greater is that you get iCloud support, should you need it – all to make your reading experience all the more worthwhile!

Compatibility: iOS

Cost: Free


If you proclaim to be an avid reader or the biggest bibliophile on earth but don’t know Goodreads, perhaps you ought to reevaluate how much you really love books and reading. The app works much like the website where you can connect to other readers, book reviews and suggestions. You can even add and share your own collections, personal favourites and reviews. This app is a must-have for the best combination of social networking and book trends, news and wish lists.

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Cost: Free

Google Play Books

Google Play Books also gives you access to a wide range of e-books. The app allows for you to sync books seamlessly and quickly to your Google Books library and other devices with the app. The app also automatically bookmarks for you so if your battery dies or you’re interrupted during your reading time, you never have to worry about correctly bookmarking or losing your page. For people with sensitive eyes, the app changes to night mode and, should you wish, you can manually change it to night mode as well. A bonus: you can change the font… how fun is that?

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Cost: Free

eBook Search Pro

Do free books sound enticing? Then this is the perfect app for you. With unlimited access to tons of free ebooks and audiobooks, you may never need to buy a book again (well, unless if you want to support the authors – they have to eat, too). The app gives you an ‘open in’ choice where you’ll be able to choose which app to use to view and read the books you would have downloaded. The eBook Search app is free if you don’t mind ads and having your sources limited. However, the eBooks Search Pro gives you full access, unlimited sources and none of the annoying pop-up ads.

Compatibility: iOS

Cost: R18.99

By Cleopatra Shava

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