Top Anti-Ageing Essential Oils

Ditch the overpriced anti-ageing products and reach for these super carrier oils instead! Each one is associated with great health benefits and is guaranteed to heal up and restore your skin’s youthful appearance.


There are tons of commercial anti-ageing products on the market, but most are expensive and contain potentially harmful chemicals that can actually damage your skin in the long run.

Instead of pouring money into these pre-made products, you can use an all-natural anti-ageing essential oil instead! Here’s a short guide to some of the best ones.

Apricot Kernel Oil

This oil is one of the best for creating skin-healing oil blends. It’s rich in omega-6 gamma-linolenic acid, so it’s ultra-nourishing. It also contains vitamins A and E, which can help with the regeneration of skin cells and collagen production.

Sweet Almond Oil

This oil contains a large amount of vitamins E and K, meaning that it doesn’t only help regenerate and maintain elasticity, but also promotes better circulation. Additionally, this oil is a natural UV blocker, so it’s ideal for if you spend lots of time out in the sun.

Coconut Oil

This oil is in the spotlight at the moment! It’s full of antioxidants and vitamin E, which makes it excellent for skin-healing and anti-ageing. It’s also comprised mainly of medium-chain triglyceride lauric acid, known to be one of the healthiest oils for your skin and body.

Avocado Oil

This oil is very thick, probably too thick for some people to use on sensitive areas like the face. But it’s super healthy for your skin and is loaded with vitamins A and E. It’s also rich in collagen-boosting plant sterolins.

Rosehip Seed Oil

This oil is well-known for its high concentration of natural vitamin A called all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA). ATRA is known for its potent ability to reduce the depth of wrinkles, fade fine lines, lighten age spots and promote overall healing of damaged skin.

Pomegranate Oil

This oil is packed with antioxidants that can help prevent free radical damage and slow down the ageing process. Punicic and ellagic acids contained in this oil help nourish skin, enhance elasticity and promote cell regeneration. It can also heal dry or irritated skin.

How do you like to use essential oils as part of your natural skincare routine? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

By Candice May

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