Top Cocktail Spots In Joburg

The new year means it’s time to go back to work, which also means that the stress levels will start to build up as each working day passes. But no need to worry, we have searched for the best cocktail spots in Joburg for you to blow off some steam and get right back into holiday mode – even if it’s just for a few hours. Here are our Top 10 Cocktail Spots in Joburg.


Villa Bianca

For good service, good food, and of course, a good selection of cocktails, why not try the elegant Villa Bianca? With a selection of shooters, martinis, long sippers and summer coolers to keep you relaxed and upbeat, this is the place to keep the holidays going. Sit out on the deck or in the lounge and enjoy a Black Russian long sipper cocktail and breathe the fresh air in.

For more information, visit their website.

Siphuza Bar, Indaba Hotel

Looking for somewhere to have a relaxed conversation with a friend along with your favourite cocktail? Then make a stop at the Indaba Hotel’s Siphuza Bar. With a wide variety of cocktails, you can relax and relieve some stress without breaking the bank. And, if you are a cigar fan, there is a cigar menu available with names such as Cohiba Siglo II and Monte Cristo 5.

For more information, visit their website.

Buddha Ta

Sophisticated, stylish and trendy, Buddha Ta is the ideal setting for a night out on the town. With stunning displays, unique features and elegant décor, this place is sure to captivate you – and so will their cocktails! Whether you are looking for vodka-based cocktails, like their Devil Boom Boom (a mix of vodka, cranberry juice, ginger ale, strawberries, basil, fresh ginger and a smidgen of jalapeno chilli), or a non-alcoholic cocktail like their Bora Bora (a blend of pineapple, passion fruit and lime juice with grenadine), this is the place for cocktails of a unique calibre.

Metro Restaurant

Drink cocktails at one of the slickest and sexiest bars in Joburg and have your social girl or guys’ night out at the Metro Restaurant’s bar. With a selection from their classic, whiskey-based, Metro signature and long cocktails, mojitos, martinis, and daiquiris, there is always something for everyone, no matter what their taste.

For more information, visit their website.

Topo Gigio

For a bite to eat and, naturally, an irresistible cocktail to help you wind down after a long day at the office, pay Topo Gigio a visit. With a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails and divine cocktail jugs, there is always something new and different to try. And, to get the party started, there is a selection of mixed shooters, but don’t go too crazy if you have work the next day!

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Six Cocktail Bar

This stylish and upbeat little spot is one of the most popular places in the old Melville area. This place gives you great music, drinks, and a choice of 60 different cocktails and meals (in case you get a little hungry). You’ve got to try my personal favourite, the Long-Island Ice Tea! Just ensure you have a designated driver before trying it out!

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Billy the Bums

Billy’s is a bar/cocktail lounge which caters for a more mature scene. With a variety of over 60 different cocktails and mixed drinks, American-style 200g beef burgers (with over 15 different toppings to choose from), and good tunes, this is the ideal spot to wind down the week. Sit and chill in the seated areas and socialise with friends or, if you feel like busting a move, there is a DJ playing the latest music – and you can make requests so you can dance to your favourite tunes.

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Liquid Chefs

Liquid Chefs in Rosebank is an after work drinks hotspot! It’s great place for a warm up before a night out on the town or just a spot to catch up with friends over a tasty drink. They mix up all kinds of crazy cocktails here so be sure to pop on over to see what the mixologists have been up to.

For more information, visit their website.

Jolly Cool

Head through to Jolly Cool to play a little pool, grab a meal (they make a mean pizza), or have a few drinks with the mates after work. This popular hangout is the place to be after 17:00. With reasonably priced food and drinks, what’s not to like? Wash your pizza down with a pina colada and enjoy!

For more information, visit their website.

By Kim Brown

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