Top Five barber shop Spots To Score A Shave

Manscaping has become very important in today’s society, and the ladies love it. Here’s a list of shops that will keep that beard and ‘stash of yours looking fine for days.


Freedom Hair

If you’re looking for a rock ‘n roll shave or trim then head to Melville and pop in to Freedom Hair. Not only will the blokes have you looking fresh but you might just score some good coffee out of the deal.

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Crew Men’s Grooming

Feeling a bit overgrown; as if the hedges might need some tending? Head to Rivonia Boulevard and sort that beard out at Crew Men’s Grooming. Enjoy a complimentary beer or whiskey or coffee as you get your mane trimmed.

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Floyd’s Barbershop

Old School quality with modern grooming is what Floyd’s all about. Take a trip to Fourways and get yourself cut up, son. We’re not suggesting you remove those chin hairs if you don’t want to but get it styled at least. The ladies love it.

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The Crow’s Nest

It’s not often that a barber shop makes national news but the Crow’s Nest pulled it off. The shop got the country talking after they were appointed to shave South Africa’s sexiest beard, Jo Engelbrecht to create awareness for testicular cancer. These guys own the skills to make your face look even sexier.

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Roma Paris

Quintessentially man, one can enjoy a traditional shave using original cut-throat razor methods coupled with a haircut minus the electric version of the old-style scissors. All of this while watching the game on one of the numerous plasma screens, enjoying a fine cedar wood-infused cigar or browsing the exceptional selection of single malts on sale. Parkhurst’s hot new barber shop is one of Joburg’s oldest traditional Italian barbers.

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