Top Coffee Shops in Johannesburg

Any decent blogger will tell you that the industry runs on caffeine, so we’d be in the know when it comes to where to find the best coffee in town. Without further ado, here are our top pick coffee shops in Johannesburg.


The Whippet

What used to be the Linden Hotel is now one of Johannesburg’s most famous coffee shops and milk tart spots. But let’s focus on the coffee for now, shall we? The Whippet is a fan favourite and a hit amongst tourists for some reason. Maybe it’s got something to do with the good coffee? Of course, it does! Either way, their americanos are brilliant, their espressos potent and the lunch menu is something out of a midsummer night’s dream. The baristas are all good at what they do and super friendly. Add The Whippet to your must-have coffee bucket lists, please.

Motherland Coffee Company

This coffee shop only uses the finest coffee beans sourced from African countries like the Congo, Ethiopia and Rwanda. They aim to reclaim Africa, our motherland, through their excellent java. They do this by only sourcing fair trade coffee beans to ensure that every sip you take supports Africa and her people.


Bean There

Coffee is the most traded commodity in the world and with it comes the ups and downs of big industry. Thanks to Bean There and its massive investment in fair trade coffee from Ethiopia, many farmers and farm workers in the region have access to things such as running water and medical aid… and these improvements to the working condition has split over into every cup of coffee served at the Bean There Cafe at 44Stanley in Milpark.

State 5

State 5 is the coffee company that has brought Greenside and Fourways the evolution of cold brew coffee. This process leaves one with a delicious cup of joe that has a more delicate flavour with an even bigger kick than your regular cup. Their menu has an extensive range of cold brew mixes that will leave you begging for more.

Various Coffees

The Grind Coffee Co.

The most Instagrammed coffee in the world can be found at Melrose Arch inside a cycling store… yup. Dayne of The Grind Coffee Co. is quite passionate about java and this shows in the flavours and aroma that is brewed up in every cup – or cone – served at his coffee shop. They also serve deli styled sandwiches, and cold brew for those hot summer days.

Father Coffee

This coffee shop has a branch in the prestigious Rosebank and our beloved Braamfontein. They stock a wide range of coffee beans from all over the world. The friendly staff are more than happy to teach the clientele about how to brew the best cuppa with the machines and beans you have at home. So you can enjoy that perfect cup of warmth in your own home.


Double Shot Coffee & Tea

We don’t want to pick one above the other but… Double Shot in Braamfontein holds a very special place in our hearts. Artisan coffee would be the best way to explain what’s going on at this little shop in the city. The owner roasts up a fresh batch of their in-house blend each morning, so you know it’s fresh. Double Shot also serves muffins, cookies and pastries for those who feel like a nibble… oh, and they also serve craft teas… yeah, craft teas is a thing.

Have you been to any of our favourite coffee shops? Let us know if the list is missing one of your hangouts and we’ll be sure to check it out. Sharing is caring so show this to that caffeine addicted friend of yours. 

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