Top Five Taco Spots

Corn tortilla taco is what life is all about – well, not quite but you know what we mean. We all need good Mexican food in our lives and it’s about time that tacos become a staple food. Here’s a list of the top five taco stops in town.


Cafe Mexicho

The madre María of all Mexican restaurants can be found in Melville. Cafe Mexicho doesn’t serve those store bought yellow excuses for tacos but serve the real deal. If you’ve not been then pull through and have a red bean stuffed beauty before we eat it all.

Baha Taco

Norwood has a lot to offer us culinary types and tacos is on top of the list. Check out Baha Tacos for your favourite refried beans and cheese stuffed lovelies.

La Santa Muerte

After the huge success of Hell’s Kitchen, the proprietors took the leap and opened a Mexican joint right next to the bar. Fortunately for us they pulled it off with a brilliant hand. The cook’s good when it comes to tacos – do yourself a favour and pull in.

Mama Mexicana

What’s better than enjoying a cerveza in the City of Gold while munching on some prime soft shell tacos? Maboneng’s Mama Mexicana can hold the fort when it comes to spicy food. Take a gamble and try their fish tacos – it’s amazing.


Tequila and tacos, friend. Ilove is the home of Perron, one of the few places to offer gourmet tacos solely created for your Latin American cuisine cravings.


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