Our Top Kids’ Furniture Stores

Make your kids feel at home with furniture just for them. Below we have a list of our top kids furniture stores. Check them out.

Upsi Daisy Creations

For awesome furniture that’s both creative and functional for your kids, try Upsi Daisy Creations. Not only is their furniture small enough for your kids’ room, they also cater to kids’ imaginations with fun and practical designs.

Our Pick: Modern Floating Desk. Kids can do their homework on this fixed desk and when it’s play time, there’s no risk of bumping into the desk’s legs.


Offering everything from nursery essentials and toddler’s playrooms to kids’ work space pieces and delivery to anywhere in South Africa, Nest is the next best furniture store to shop for your kids.

Our Pick: Juicy Fruits Storage. Keep things neat with this nifty piece.

Clever Little Monkey

For stunning themed pieces we absolutely love Clever Little Monkey. They also boast free shipping for any purchase over R250. Where else are you shopping for your kids themed rooms if not here?

Our Pick: Vento V8 Car Bed. Whether you have a boy or girl, if your kid loves fast cars then they will love this bed. Totally worth the splurge.


With over 40 room settings to pick from, Mokki is best known for their bedroom furniture for children and teens. So if you’re thinking of a long-term bedroom set-up for your kids, then this store ought to be top of your list.

Our Pick: Mokki Polar Bunk. Perfect if you have twins that have to share a room. Who gets the top of bottom bunk is a battle you won’t have to be involved in.

The Room

If you need way more options for your twins, then the best place to go to is The Room. Different designs mean your twins have many options to pick from. Best still, you can order extras for the bunks depending of your needs.

Our Pick: L-shaped Bunk Bed with Bookshelf. Why get an ordinary bunk when you can get a L-shaped one?

Know of other awesome furniture stores not mentioned above? Let us know below!

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