Mid-Range Phones

The new generation of mid-range mobile phones have come to conquer the market. We did a quick review of the top five phones out there that won’t break the bank or break your heart because of under performance. Have a look and be informed.


Samsung Galaxy A5

Smooth and sexy, that’s what the Galaxy A5 is all about. The phone houses a 13MP camera capable of shooting video in Full HD. The battery life is fair and can last for up to 18 hours during talk time (3G) and a whopping 64 hours with just the music player going. The A5 is the perfect example of a mid-range phone with a premium look and feel.

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Huawei P8

The P8 belongs in an art gallery. The design is something to write home about – so, so beautiful. With 3Gb of RAM running through its veins, the P8 is one kicker of a hand-held device. Front-facing cameras are usually low hitters but Huawei has opted for an 8MP camera, making sure your selfies come out crisper than that of their competitors.

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Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

If you’re in possession of a D-SLR camera, then we suggest that you trade it in for an Xperia Z5 Compact. The camera on this machine boasts 23MP and can record an up to 4K video – yes, we’re being serious. You can record cinema quality scenes with this baby. Unfortunately that’s about all that’s special about this mid-range entry from Sony. The battery life is average and the size an inch smaller than the average mid-range mobile device.

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Did you know that LG stands for Lucky Goldstar? Now you do. Anyway, the G4 is the neutral good guy on this list and boasts a 3Gb Snapdragon chip set, giving it quick performance capabilities. The battery life is an improvement from those mentioned above and the camera hits a cool 16MP without breaking a sweat. But what’s the catch? It’s kind of ugly – just saying.

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Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

Since Microsoft acquired Nokia, the Lumia has upped its game. The 950 XL reps a bigger screen than its predecessor (5.7 inches) and runs Windows Phone as its operating system. The Windows experience is increased by the powerful chip set the phone has running inside of it – can you say eight core processor? Oh yes! To top it all off, Microsoft fitted the 950 XL with a 20MP camera just for you.

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