Top Restaurants To Visit This January

There are so many great restaurants in this fab city of ours … and we thought it’d be a disservice to only cover the shiny, new ones. So, on that note, here is a list of some golden oldies that opened their doors in Joburg quite a while ago … perhaps you’ve never been to them or you have and needed a reminder that they exist … either way, take a look at our top picks for this month! 


Super Sconto

If it’s an authentic Italian deli you’re after, there’s no better place to head than to Super Sconto. Not only do they make what is arguably the best sandwich in town, but they also have a supermarket downstairs where you’ll find all your pantry essentials!

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Nonna Mia’s Kitchen

There’s nothing worse than a pizza with the wrong cheese ratio … right? Nonna Mia’s Kitchen churns out some super-tasty pizzas and they get the cheese-sprinkling just right! They make a whopping 24-piece pizza that’s super-fun to share with friends … check it out!

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Gourmet Cheese And Cheese Café

Gourmet Cheese and Cheese Café is a landmark in the area that’ll rid you of a cheese craving at once! They’ve got a cheese shop if you’re looking to stock up and restaurant that serves only the best in cheese-covered goodies.

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Who loves Indian cuisine? Everyone, right? Well, Shawn reckons Bikaner is the best place to get it. He reckons you go with a big group of friends so that you can try a little bit of everything! Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

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Famous for their egg baskets (yes, they are exactly what they sound like), Nice is a great Parkhurst-side spot that not only serves up delicious breakfasts but also doubles up as the perfect people-watching venue to visit!

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Brooklyn Brothers

American-style grub is what you’ll find at Brooklyn Brothers … yes, we’re talking burgers and shakes! Best you arrive hungry because their portions are as huge as they are tasty! Whatever you do, make sure to leave room for a milkshake!

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The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into Perron is their décor – they’ve really gone all out to ensure their establishment is quirky, fun and stylish. Choose from their selection of tasty cocktails and order a couple of small dishes to share … hint: the fish taco is a real winner!

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The Local Grill

If you’re into free-range, grass-fed meat, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get just that at Local Grill. Their steaks are always super-flavourful, tender and cooked to perfection. While it’s a great spot for a first date, it’s also casual enough for a midweek dinner with friends.

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Teta Mari

Jewish-inspired food is what comes out of the kitchen at Teta Mari. Their shakshouka is divine and their carrot cake, excellent. Enjoy the summer heat and sit outside or cosy up with a great cuppa joe or steaming bowl of soup come winter.

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By Nikki Samakosky

Remember that our “Top Picks” are not paid for and are compiled at the discretion of the journalist. We only write about what we love.

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