Top Scheduling Apps

Make your life easier by downloading any of these scheduling/calendar apps. You’ll never miss an important meeting, special date or miss any upcoming events again!

Calendar app

Sunrise Calendar

This app combines an aesthetically pleasing visual design and useful calendar features that helps you organise your time and schedule your life. The app syncs Google Calendar, iCloud and Exchange calendars for your convenience. The app also always you to schedule meetings using instant messaging.

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Cost: Free


This app allows you to sync with other calendars such as Google, Facebook, Exchange and Google Tasks. You can conveniently add tags, attachments, use the in-built invitation manager and push event notifications to your Android watch or Apple watch. Wave also comes with a range of view modes to enhance your experience.

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Cost: Free

Calendars 5

This app allows you to view your daily, weekly and monthly schedule on either an iPad or and iPhone. With a solid task and event manager, the app easily syncs with your built-in iOS calendar, Reminders, and Google calendar allowing easy importing. Events are also displayed in a timeline view shown as icons.

Compatibility: iOS

Cost: R139.99

Jorte Calendar

Coupled with a helpful task and memo bar that keeps upcoming events and notes in focus, this app also supports imports from Google calendar as well as personalising backgrounds and icons to your preferred taste. The apps’ interface also allows you to view daily, weekly and monthly schedules making it easy to plan your life.

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Cost: Free


If you want to option to toggle between your detailed schedule and your general overview, this is the perfect app for you offering both view options. The app provides daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views modes making your scheduling life that much more convenient. You can also sync your Google Calendar, Outlook and Exchange with this app.

Compatibility: Android

Cost: Free

By Cleopatra Shava

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