Top Schools To Kick-Start Your Career

Back in the day you’d go to varsity, study and end up in a specific career. These days, it’s possible for students to choose a career path and pick out their studies for their end goals. With that said, here are a couple of niche schools that will kick-start your career. 



As the top film, TV and performance school on the continent, AFDA is the first choice for many aspiring film stars, directors and producers. AFDA has fully equipped campuses in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Botswana, where they train graduates to contribute to one of the largest growth industries in the world: entertainment. This film school also offers post and under-grad BAs, MFAs, and BComs.

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Oakfields College

Moving from high school to college is a big step, and it brings with it a new level of freedom as well as new challenges. At Oakfields College you can arm yourself with the necessary know-how to tackle the media and broadcasting arena head on. Oakfield College offers an array of disciplines including film production, marketing and 3D animation, to name a few.

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Culinary Arts

The HTA School of Culinary Art

If you’re passionate about cooking up a storm and dream of making it your career, the Hospitality Trainers and Associates in Ferndale is the place for you. Courses differ depending on your needs, but they do have one-year and two-year syllabuses available. The courses include practical components in the kitchens of hotels and restaurants. HTA comes highly recommended and graduates have gone on to enjoy executive positions in high-end kitchens the world over.

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SA Chefs Academy

At SA Chefs Academy, you can expect qualified chefs with relevant experience to equip graduates with the skills and confidence to successfully enter the industry. Classes are limited to 16 students to ensure proper knowledge transfer. SA Chefs Academy offers six-month courses in pastry as well as certified and diploma courses, which have been approved by the City & Guilds of London.

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If you’re looking for a fashion school where creativity and raw talent are sewn together to produce the most sought-after graduates in the industry, then LISOF is the place for you. You can choose from a diverse array of disciplines, from design and marketing to styling, buying, merchandising and photography.

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At the heart of VEGA’s educational vision lies the principle of innovation. Brand and business strategies that merely repeat existing practices add limited value to the marketplace while iconoclasm and innovation unlock true potential. Because of this, VEGA has been regarded as one of the top brand schools in the country.

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AAA School of Advertising

Expect more than just knowledge, skills and practical experience at the AAA School Of Advertising. Some of the biggest names in the ad agency world started at AAA, and studying here is a sure way to kick-start your career in advertising. At the AAA School of Advertising, your ideas could change the way we see the world. The advertising school offers part-time, full-time and short courses.

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Music/Audio Production


If your dream is to rock out or pay the bills as a session musician, then look no further than the Campus of Performing Arts (COPA). This music school’s Higher Education programmes are accredited by the Council of Higher Education, and the further education and training programmes are accredited by the CATHSSETA. Pick your instrument or field and head down this pathless road.

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As one of the leaders in their field, the Academy of Sound Engineering offers degrees, diplomas, higher certificates, and skills programmes in audio production. It should be noted that ASE is not a music school but an institute that teaches disciplines in the field of audio, be it in audio recording or live production.

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Boston College

Want to make music? Release your creativity in sound? Come and create without restraint at Boston College. The high-tech learning environment offers students the kind of theory and practical-based tuition that allows for a hands-on experience.  To boot, their most famous alumni is the one and only DJ Fresh of 5FM

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