Top Ten Tips To Kick The Refined Sugar Habit

Refined sugar is highly addictive, not to mention detrimental to your health. It is, however, possible to kick that addiction to the curb! Here’s how.


There’s so much talk about how bad sugar is for you. We don’t know of anyone who thinks sugar is actually good for you, yet, on average, we consume 58g of sugar per person. So the question is, why do we consume sugary eats and drinks when we know they’re so bad for us?

According to research, the desire for sucrose is wired into your head because, in nature, anything with sucrose isn’t poisonous. Other research says it’s because when you eating something sweet, your brain releases dopamine, your “happy hormone”. So, basically, your body rewards you when you eat sugar by making you feel good.

Here’s the good news, though. Although sugar is highly addictive, there are ways to kick the habit of consuming so much of the stuff. Use these helpful tips to explore that possibility!

Get Some Real Motivation

It takes work and motivation to get sugar out of your life. We suggest reading Dr Mercola’s thoughts on this topic for some real motivation.

Eliminate Sweetened Drinks

All sugary drinks, like soft drinks and fruit juices, contain lots of sugar. Don’t replace them with sugar-free options, though – instead, use natural sweeteners like stevia or honey to sweeten drinks like green tea.

Cut Out Pre-Packaged Foods

You never know what goes into these things! Even some organic pre-packaged foods contain sugar. Don’t buy or eat any pre-packaged foods. Rather make your own meals and snacks from scratch at home.

Be Mindful When You Eat Out

When you eat out, stick to dishes like grilled fish and roasted vegetables, which are very unlikely to contain sugar.

Eat A Well-Rounded Diet

Make sure your diet includes all the food groups, and make protein and vegetables your main focus. You’ll notice that you’ll feel so much more satisfied when you’re eating plenty of protein and veggies.

Challenge Yourself To Go Sugar-Free For Two Weeks

Sometimes reducing your sugar consumption doesn’t make a significant difference. So, challenge yourself to go completely sugar-free for two weeks. This will reset your taste buds and help you gain self-control.

Get A Friend To Do The No-Sugar Challenge With You

It could be a spouse, a friend or a co-worker. If you have someone who shares a goal with you, you can exchange food and meals and share healthy recipe. This will make your low-sugar journey much more doable and enjoyable.

Address Your Pesky Sugar Cravings

Don’t ignore your sugar cravings or you’ll end up going straight back to the harmful substance. Instead, satisfy them with things like kombucha or coconut kefir. The sourness of these foods counteract that sweet desire. The healthy probiotics they’ll provide your body with will help reduce cravings, too.

Have Fun Without Sugar!

There are so many awesome sugar-free recipes to try out. All it takes is a quick Google search. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of experimenting in the kitchen on the weekend? Exactly!

Reward Yourself Regularly

Cutting out refined sugar is a big deal. Never forget to reward yourself regularly for embarking on this journey (if you succeed, that is – which we’re sure you will!). Treat yourself to whatever makes you feel good – whether it’s a new item of clothing or some time in the spa.

Once you eliminate refined sugar from your life, you’ll never look back – trust us!

by Candice May

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