Top Ways To Embrace Autumn In Joburg

As the seasons change there are mixed emotions on whether we love it or hate it. To help you love it, here are our top ideas on how to embrace autumn in Joburg.


Document The Change In Season

We’re suckers for documenting our city with every opportunity possible. Two of our favorite ways of doing this, aside from writing, are through photography and videography. Weather you’re waking up before the break of dawn to explore the city and capture the autumn leaves change, or joining us on our very first InstaWalk launching this autumn – it’s bound to be a fun and revitalizing experience.

Declutter Your Wardrobe 

Change in season means a change in wardrobe. This is the perfect time to start packing away all those summer shorts and vests to replace with warm jerseys and thick leggings or jeggings. But while you do the wardrobe switch up why not put aside some clothes to donate to the less fortunate. We all know how cold our city can get so do something nice and donate your old clothes and other stuff you no longer need or use.

Pamper Yourself 

With all the fabulous beauty salons and spas in our city, knowing which one to go to without breaking the bank can be tricky. But what if we told you you could get a manicure or pedicure for under R250? Sounds crazy right? And yet it’s so true. So if you’re feeling for some light pampering and self-care this autumn, start with at these great venues.

Start Prepping Your Garden

Sure it’s autumn and while we embrace everything great about it we can also start thinking ahead – like when you work on our summer bodies in winter. Start prepping your autumn garden for spring. Think about it, getting in touch with nature when it’s cool and not too cold yet, seeing the beautiful flowers and plants sprout in autumn and winter then bloom and blossom in spring. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? We think so too.

Get The Autumn Look In Your Home

Almost everyone loves the autumn colors and tones. Why not incorporate that into your home? Weather you want to enhance the homey feeling using autumn hues or you simply enjoy switching up your furniture and decor at the change of seasons, we love giving you the 411 on how to do it and where to find the things to do it – talk about cutting the admin in half right?

Visit Joburg’s Top Markets

We all know it’s not fun to be out in the cold, so before winter arrives, embrace the cool weather at some great markets. Whether you want to visit some awesome food markets around town, or you’re more interested in markets to visit on weekends, or just top markets in general – there’s a list for you to explore before staying in your home is all you want to do.

Go Out & Be Merry

Joburg can easily be titled the city that never sleeps. Whether you enjoy watching the sunset or enjoy the occasional drink after hours, you totally must check out these great rooftop bars in the city. Whats better than enjoying our lovely Joburg sunset with a drink in hand or a cool autumn late afternoon/ evening? Alternatively you can just skip the sunset and grab a cocktail at one of these fabulous cocktail spots.

Stay In & Stay Warm

There’s also absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to stay in and stay warm as soon as those leaves start changing. But instead of simply staying in and making hot chocolate or starting a new hobby – you can totally catch a movie instead. You don’t want to be that guy at the office who has no idea what must-watch movie everyone else will be raving about, trust us!

Know other great ways to embrace autumn not mentioned above? Let us know below!

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