Boot Camp: Getting Fit Without Heading To The Gym

If, like me, you find your typical gym boring and just plain tedious, then check out my list of outdoor bootcamps that’ll have you breaking a sweat and getting into tip-top shape in no time.

An outdoor fitness class in support of good health.

Urban Fitness Outdoor SA

Urban Fitness Outdoor SA offers you a range of health and fitness services that will help you get ready for summer and reach your goal of obtaining that dream body you have always wanted. And, the best bit is all the training, boot camps and workouts are done outside where you can enjoy the fresh air and take in the sunshine! Classes are hosted at various venues around Joburg, so get in contact and find out where you can find your nearest one! Plus, your first class is free – book a free trial today!

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To help you get into the motion of living a healthier lifestyle and getting fit, TransformHERS boot camp offers you a four-week outdoor fitness programme that will motivate and encourage you as you complete your transformation into a fitter and healthier you. And not only will you be getting in shape, but TransformHERS is also a great place to meet and mingle with new people. Ladies of all sizes, fitness levels and ages are welcome.

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Adventure Boot Camp

If you are a woman looking for a boot camp to kick start your journey to a healthier, fitter and happier you, then be sure to join Adventure Boot Camp for Women. This four-week outdoor exercise programme offers everything you need to get into shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle, from fitness instruction and nutritional counselling to motivational training. Contact them to find out where they host Adventure Boot Camps near you. The next boot camp programme starts on 22 September, so hurry up and register now!

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Fitness From Africa

For a safe, scientific and seriously fun way to get into shape, make sure you book your spot at the Fitness For Africa Boot Camp. These heart-pumping, sweat sessions include outdoor circuit training, high intensity workouts, plenty of variety, and of course, dumbbells, elastics, medicine balls, body weight exercises and much more. All you have to do is sign up, and take a pick from their boot camp locations. And if you’re looking to train and participate in one of those big runs (think Comrades and the Two Oceans), FFA also offers a running club and coaching to get you ready for the big race.

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Free Get Fit Bootcamp

If you are bored with the same old, overcrowded gym and are looking for something fun and interesting to add a little spark to your workouts, then why not sign up for Free Get Fit Bootcamp! Their boot camp training offers an exciting and unique way to get fit with a variety of different exercises that focus on flexibility, cardio, strength and endurance in a fresh outdoor environment. The boot camp caters for all ages and fitness levels. Exercises include stretching, walking, running, aerobics, body weight focused exercise, timed runs or walks and loads of socialising!

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OCT South

OCT South are known for their obstacle courses and obstacle training, but did you know they also offer a fit camp? The whole idea of the boot camp is to ensure diversity as well as intensity in your workouts. Not only is it fun, exciting and interesting, but it’ll give you a full body workout as you’ll be crawling, running, climbing and pushing your limit.

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The Women’s Health Fit Night Out

Okay, so this one isn’t a set boot camp that lasts a few weeks, but it is a fun and exciting way to kick start your fitness journey with a bang. The Women’s Health Fit Night Out is a fitness event that takes place at various locations throughout the country throughout the year. They’ve been to Cape Town and Durban and this August 2018, they’ll be heading back to Montecasino for their winter edition! You can get your tickets here. It’s the workout party of the season, so rally up your girlfriends, pull on your gym gear and get your heart pumping at FNO.

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By Kim Brown

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