Top Wedding Suit Shopping Tips

We all want to look fly on our big day, but the truth that only in theory can we pull of the perfect suit. Fortunately we’ve put together this lovely check-list to assist you in getting your wedding day uniform looking sexy and smooth.


Stick To The Colour Pallet

Nothing is going to send your bride-to-be into a fighting fury quicker than you rocking up at the church in a baby blue tux. You’re not the prom king from an ’80s teen movie, you’re the luckiest man on the planet so stick to the colour pallet and keep your future wife happy. Just because she said purple and grey doesn’t mean you have to wear a purple jacket. Planning and asking your best mate for his input will make life much easier.

Cufflinks For The Win

Depending on your personal style cufflinks is what sets a suit shirt apart from a Sunday shirt. French cuffs cuffed with cufflinks is a very good option to keep in mind when assembling your outfit for your wedding. From silk to silver cufflinks should fit the material and colour of the jacket and shirt it is being paired with.

Pocket Square it Up

This should always be the opposite of the dominant colour in the colour pallet. For example, if the pallet is purple and grey, and your suit is grey then of course the square should be purple. Click here for our guide to folding the only pocket square fold you’ll ever need.

Single Breasted. That’s all.

You’re not a hot shot lawyer, and if you are you’re not meeting with one of your upmarket clients today. Double breasted is for business deals. Though marriage is sort of a business deal it’s the only one you need to look dead sexy for. Go for the single breasted option. Trust us. We’re always stylish.

Bespoke Or Off The shelf?

Custom-made suits are reserved for the bucket list. Tick it off as soon as possible. But if you do find something you fancy at a boutique or the department store then go for it. It all comes down to how much you want to personalise your look. A master tailor will be able to fit you way better than a quick measurement from a shop assistant would. Don’t know where to score a tailor? Don’t worry, click here for our top tailors in town.


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