A Tour Of Krispy Kreme’s Roastery

We went behind the scenes to find out what it takes to brew a cup of Krispy Kreme coffee. 


We were invited to go behind the scenes of the coffee roasters who bake up the prime beans Krispy Kreme serve to their patrons on a daily basis. Situated in the second phase of Deco Park in Northlands, Avanti Coffee is the secret weapon behind our favourite doughnut parlour’s cuppa java. Under the skilled hands of master roasters, beans from Africa and South America are roasted and freeze-dried before being couriered to stores for the public to enjoy.


It is no secret that coffee is the driving force behind Monday mornings and tough deadlines. This is where Krispy Kreme comes in.  Avanti cooks up a  delightful drum roasted medium-to-dark local blend of washed African Arabicas, Ethiopian Sidamo and Brazillian coffees, which provides for a 100% Arabica blend. This three-bean mixture has rich and aromatic notes with a robust flavour. This prime coffee is best served with a glazed doughnut first thing in the morning.


It is also at Avanti where Krispy Kreme professionally trains their baristas, investing in the skills development of their employees. The training is given by experts in the field and these courses entail everything – from the different styles of coffee to milk frothing, cupping and barista art. It takes months of dedication and practice to become a Krispy Kreme barista.


The next time you grab your cuppa jo at Krispy Kreme remember that a lot of effort went into that steaming mug of black gold.

Words and photos by Shawn Greyling

Have you had Krispy Kreme’s coffee before? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Sharing is caring so let your friends know that Krispy Kreme serves 100% Arabica. 

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