Toys for fidgety fingers!

Toys for fidgety fingers!

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Sony Vaio VPC-W216AG

• Quick performance for a netbook
• Appealing metallic looks

• Gorgeous clear screen

R4 999.95

Sony’s latest netbook, the VPC-W216AG, offers the kind of looks and performance that the makers of the original netbook may have envisioned when the project began. It’s got a generous 2GB of system RAM, a 320GB hard drive and it runs Windows 7 Starter Edition.
What this all boils down to is performance that will impress, making this netbook the kind of device you’d be happy to take with you wherever you go, as you’ll not be doing as much waiting as you might with other models.

Add to that mix brilliant looks, a very sturdy build, a touchpad that’s a pleasure to use and a high-quality 10.1” screen that is typical of Sony’s Vaio range, and you have a netbook worth owning.

Its only weak point is its battery; while the average netbook lasts longer than 3 hours, you’re left with only 1.5 hours of up-time with this one. Still, we feel it’s a sacrifice well worth the overall quality on offer.

Rating: 4/5

HP Photosmart A826

• Retro-looking photo printer
• Responsive touchscreen

• Edit photos before printing

R1 499.95

This odd-looking photo printer is essentially a cut-down photo lab. It allows you to print 10cm x 15cm photographs from a variety of sources. You can plug it directly into your PC, but the point of the A826 is that you shouldn’t have to – you can print directly from your camera courtesy of PictBridge compatibility, from a Flash disk containing images, and even from various memory cards.

Doing so is incredibly simple – by using the intuitive, intelligent menu system, you can perform all tasks necessary to get your photos printed, from minor editing (reducing red-eye, for instance) to adding fun effects to add that special touch to your pictures. Throw in borders, add clip art and text, or just draw moustaches on your friends, the A826 can do it all.
Prints aren’t lightning fast, and media costs will undoubtedly add up, but even so this is a great little printer for creating photographs without a full-blown print lab or a PC.

Rating: 4/5

Samsung Super Writemaster SE/S084


• Portable CD and DVD recorder

• Powered over USB
• Burning software included


The biggest complaint about netbooks is their lack of a CD or DVD drive. This is done to reduce costs and power consumption, but it’s still annoying as it leaves people with no way to install CD and DVD-based applications.

The solution, then, is a portable CD and DVD reader/recorder. Samsung’s Super Writemaster SE/S084 is the perfect solution as it is lightweight, is powered over USB, and comes with Nero’s CD and DVD creation software. It’s thin enough that it can slide easily into a carry bag, and it comes with a USB cable with two plugs, in case the drive doesn’t get enough power from a single USB port.

It’s easy to use and well-priced, and perfect for netbook fans everywhere.

Rating: 4/5

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