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PS3 Controller and Game Bundle
• PlayStation 3 Wireless Controller
• Includes Motorstorm and infamous
• R1500 worth of value for R999.95


A Sony PlayStation 3 is not complete without a second controller and lots of games. Since controllers can cost around R700 and games go for anything from a few hundred Rand all the way up to R800, costs can mount up.

It’s nice to know, then, that you can pick up a second wireless PS3 controller, as well as two very good games for just under a thousand Rand. Since both games will easily cost you R250 to R350 each, two games plus a controller for less than the total cost of each item bought individually is a great deal.

And they are great games, too – inFamous puts you in the shoes of a man gifted with strange powers by a mysterious explosion, and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift is an off-road racer with tons of tracks, vehicles and some really fun multiplayer options.

On their own, each product is worth the purchase. Together, however, and at such a compelling price point, they are must-haves.
Rating: 5/5

Samsung P2770H 27” LCD Monitor
• 27 inches of screen real-estate
• Accepts DVI and HDMI inputs
• 2ms response time

R3 499.95

As LCD monitor technology matures, costs are driven down while size increases. This is no more apparent than in Samsung’s latest 27” LCD, the P2770H: for less than three and a half thousand Rand, you can bag yourself a very big, very clear screen for your desktop computer or gaming console.

With its 2ms response time, it’s quick enough to handle whatever action you choose to display on it without ghosting, and its native resolution of 1920 x 1080 ensures all HD content is shown in all its hi-res glory.

Thanks to its HDMI connector, it connects easily to gaming consoles, although you will need to output the sound to speakers via the screen’s 3.5mm stereo headphone jack or the optical output.

27 inches of screen is a wonderful thing to have for gamers and even office workers. The P2770H looks good, performs beautifully, and its touch-sensitive controls are a pleasure to use.
Rating: 4/5

Philips DC570 Docking Entertainment System
• Stylish iPod dock for a modern living toom
• Fantastic sound that spreads through a room
• Vertical design saves space

R2 999.95

This vertically-designed iPod docking station is a very unique device that enjoys the corner of rooms far more than most other iPod docking stations. Its vertical build allows it to sit innocuously in the corner without taking up much space, but don’t let it fool you – innocuous looks do not mean small sound.

The DC570’s body contains a subwoofer and two speakers with a total output of 100W, which makes for some pretty loud music. It’s got presets for different music genres and a bass boost button, but it also defers to your iPod’s equaliser settings, leaving plenty of room for tweaking the sound to your liking.

While it’s not an ear-blower or a serious party machine, the DC570 is still more than loud enough to fill the average room, and this in conjunction with its compact, corner-friendly design makes it very easy to recommend.
Rating: 3/5

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