Travel Essentials: What To Pack

If you’re a Jetsetter of sorts, you know there are a few essentials one must carry to make the journey less tedious, especially if you’re travelling alone. For our new travellers, here a few essentials that will help with those long hours on the plane, train, bus or ship.

travel essentials

Neck Pillow

If you’re travelling for long hours and you couldn’t quite afford first class, no stress, invest in a neck pillow and have that handy for some neck support. Not all airlines or other means of travel have comfortable seating, so neck pillows help you make the journey a little bit more comfortable. And you won’t have to worry about a stiff neck when you reach your destination.

Sleep Mask

If you’re planning to catch a snooze during your trip then you definitely must have a sleep mask. This helps on long journeys if you want to sleep in the afternoon or if you’re going to a different timezone. Also, you might be seated next to someone who wants to read and has their light on all night, avoid the frustration and put your sleep mask on.

Toiletry Bag

If you’re flying overseas, chances are the airline will provide a standard toiletry bag, however, it is very standard and might not have you feeling as fresh as a Monday morning. It’s best to compile your own compact toiletry bag with a mini toothpaste & toothbrush; mini face wash, cloth & cream; deodorant; and whatever else you need to feel fresh and clean.


If it’s a long journey the last thing you need is an uncomfortable pair of earphones or headphones. If you’re an avid music listener you probably already know the best earphones for you. If you are not a frequent earphone or headphone user, click here for a general headphone guideline. Otherwise, plug-in and listen to your favourite tunes to make the journey more pleasant.


Last thing you need is to run out of battery on your phone or music device while in-transit. Best way to avoid this is carrying a fully charged portable power bank. Great thing about the power bank is that even if it runs out of battery, instead of changing multiple devices once you’re at a changing station, you can charge just the power bank and you’ll be sorted.

Journal/ Novel

A travel journal is never a bad idea, especially if you’re travelling somewhere for the first time or after a really long time. It’s nice to have the option to write down your experience throughout the entire trip. If you’re not much of a writer and more of a reader, carry a novel or two so you have somewhere to escape to, while on-route to your escape.


Sure most phones these days have cameras but your phone’s camera doesn’t always capture the true beauty of a new environment. If you can afford if, invest in a good camera to best capture your trip – in-transit and when you reach your destination. Upside about a camera versus a phone’s camera is that the image quality is better and the battery lasts longer.

By Cleopatra Shava

Know other travel essentials we haven’t mentioned? Let us know below!

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